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Hey Washington! Let us help you find some eco-friendly congressional candidates this election season! To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here.

Voting in Washington

Your primaries are right around the corner on August 7! You have some good selections going on as far as renewable energy is concerned. Your state also has a top-two primary system. This is a different type of system compared to what you usually see in the US. Basically, whichever 2 candidates get the two largest amounts of votes, regardless of their party affiliation, they advance to the general election.

On the ballot this season: U.S. Senate, U.S. Representatives, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Auditor, Attorney General, State Commissioner of Public Lands, State Insurance Commissioner, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

U.S. Senate

Our pick: Clint Tannehill

  • Democrat
  • Businessman

Tennehill has some good ideas on how to get the green energy ball rolling in Congress. He would like to enact a “Green New Deal” which would focus government funding on creating jobs and research opportunities in renewable energy sources, boosting the economy while protecting the environment. He wants to replace coal power plants with clean energy solutions and protect nationals monuments and parks.

Some other pinnacles of his renewable energy platform are improving clean air standards and expanding electric vehicle charging capabilities throughout a network of federal lands. He thinks that pushing electric cars and their accessibility will greatly reduce our carbon footprint (we agree). He also has a plan to revamp the recycling industry so that it is more accessible to rural areas. He wants to make the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy a pleasant and positive change for Americans, and that’s why we think he has the vision required for the Senate seat.

Other Senator Candidates:

U.S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

District 1, you don’t have candidates that too much to say about renewable energy. We’ve put in a little blurb about the candidates that have anything to say about being sustainable, but we aren’t giving any endorsements for your district.

Suzan DelBene (D) – (Campaign Site) – incumbent since 2012
Suzan has her head in the right place. She supports spreading renewable energy and funding research for green energy. She is advocating taking steps towards transferring our economy to renewable energy, so that America has greater security and our overall health as a country.

Adam Pilskog (I)
Adam is pushing for a strict carbon cap tax. He also would like to see more government funding going to green energy initiatives so that our country will move in a greener and healthier direction. He mentions innovations and increasing green energy production, but does not define any specific plans on how to get there.

Other District 1 Candidates:

District 2

Hey 2, we don’t have an official endorsement for you either, but here’s what a few of your candidates have to say about sustainable energy and the environment!

Rick Larsen (D) – (Campaign Site) – incumbent since 2000. Larsen has been known to support renewable energy and environmental protections, but he hasn’t done much in the terms of introducing strong legislation for protecting the environment. He has voted in various ways on legislation that would protect the environment and other endangered species, some which we don’t quite agree with. Overall, though, his record leans towards using more renewable energy sources, and we do like that.

Stoney Bird (Green) – Environmental Activist. Stoney has an idea about green energy that includes a New Deal type plan that would focus on renewable energy and protecting the environment while stimulating the economy. We think it’s a good idea if executed properly.

Collin Richard Carlson (I) – Collin would like to see more sustainable farming. He would like to see small cooperative farms become the norm in our society. He recognizes that mass agricultural production has a harmful impact on the environment, and would like to see sustainable farming methods researched to decrease the cost for small farmers. He also plans on introducing legislation that would provide no-cost energy to businesses that use sustainable resources.

Other District 2 Candidates:

District 3

3, you have a few good candidates, but we’ve decided to endorse only one of them:

Our Pick: David McDevitt

  • Democrat
  • Attorney
  • Army Veteran

David wants to produce more jobs in green energy while holding chronic polluters accountable through a restored and fully operational EPA. He also has some refreshing views on working with Native American Tribal lands and corporations to make sure that everyone is included in the discussion revolving around sustainable energy.

David wants to see green energy grow, and thinks that the fastest way to get to 100% renewable energy by 2050 is by creating incentives for energy industries to move towards renewable energy independence. He wants fossil fuels left in the ground, which will keep local energy companies on the right path towards reliance on green energy, and clean up our foreign policy dependence on oil-rich countries.

Other District 3 Candidates:
  • Micheal Cortney (R) – Cortney has some thoughts on sustainable energy, but they aren’t well articulated. He knows climate change exists and would like to see the effects mitigated, but that’s about the only substantial thing we can find that he’s said about the situation.
  • Dorothy Gasque (D) – Dorothy would like to see a complete revamp of our entire energy infrastructure system. She knows that changing to a completely renewable source is an endeavor close to something that America hasn’t seen since the 1950s, but would provide the US with an inexpensive and easily maintainable energy infrastructure.
  • Carolyn Long (D) – Carolyn is passionate about restoring the EPA and the Department of the Interior back to the full potential of what each of these departments could be doing for the environment and energy production. She believes that clean air, water, and soil is a right that should be protected by the federal government, and we couldn’t agree more. She wants America to be moving in the direction of curbing greenhouse gas emissions, not away from it. She supports regulations that defend our environment and is working toward energy independence.
  • Earl Bowerman (R) 
  • Martin Hash (D)
  • Jaime Herrera Beutler (R) – (Campaign Site) – incumbent since 2010

District 4

Only 2 candidates, 4! We’re going with the opposition here.

Our Pick: Christine Brown

  • Democrat
  • Retired TV News Anchor/Station General Manager
  • Community Activist

Christine has a lot going for her when it comes to discussing climate change. She lists climate change and renewable energy as one of the cornerstones of her platform, which is part of why we are choosing to endorse her. As a representative, she has already shown a strong commitment to the environment, and we want to see that carry over in Congress.

She’s done her research. She knows how to make the switch between fossil fuels and green energy in a way that will benefit the economy, and not completely unhinge it. She acknowledges the challenge of the entire endeavor, but she’s unafraid of it, which we think is marvelous. As a matter of fact, she wants to see the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which is based in Washington, to be leading the change and research in climate change and putting forth a lot of new green energy technology that could save our planet and boost our economy. She committed to making climate change and green energy a bipartisan issue in Congress, and we fully support that.

Other District 4 Candidates:

District 5

Hey 5, none of your candidates have a platform that we like to see when we endorse someone, so we suggest voting according to other issues that are important to you.

Here are your candidates:

District 6

6, your incumbent is doing a pretty good job already, and we want to see him stay in Congress for a while longer.

Our Pick: Derek Kilmer – (Campaign Site)

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2012

Kilmer supports clean air, water, and earth for everyone in the US. He established the Puget Sound Recovery Caucus with his colleague, Danny Heck, which will help prevent pollution from urban stormwater runoff, restore habitat, and work towards reopening healthy and sustainable shellfish beds. He is also passionate about solving the issue of ocean acidification and has been fighting for support and funding for the National Parks. He wants to see the private sector work towards a more sustainable and green energy usage and has been working towards that goal during his time in Congress.

Other District 6 Candidates:

District 7

7, your incumbent is pretty neat already. She’s a big environmental activist and we would like to see her stay in Congress.

Our pick: Pramila Jayapal – (Campaign Site)

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2016

As a state senator, Pramila did a lot to put environmental issues at the forefront of many legislative issues. She pushed for electric car incentives and the funding to create electric vehicle infrastructure. She took bad environmental policies from new transportation bills and is a staunch supporter of investing in multimodal transportation options. She has been pushing for green energy alternatives in Congress, and strongly opposes fracking and deepwater drilling, as they are a huge threat to the environment.

As far as research goes, she supports funding for renewable energy research and development and is pushing for legislation that will curb greenhouse gas emissions. She is working on a plan that will move workers employed in the fossil fuel industry into green technology and and the renewable energy industry. She’s been pushing for a lot of cool things in Congress as far as the environment goes, and that’s why she’s our pick.

Other District 7 Candidate:

District 8

8, you have a few candidates that have some good things to say about renewable energy, but here’s our pick for your district:

Shannon Hader

  • Democrat
  • Physician
  • Ex-Centers for Disease Control Division Director

Shannon is our pick. She has a plan for making sure that the environment stays clean and to keep green energy a growing sector. She plans on working on de-incentivizing fossil fuels and moving those incentives to alternative energy technology and infrastructure. She would like to get the States individually rallied and supportive to the Paris Climate Agreement, even if the country officially is not (this is a big deal and we like that she thinks big).

She is a fighter and will continue to fight to see that our national parks and forests and wildlife refugees do not suffer from being underfunded or cut from the budget. She wants federal and public lands to remain untouched and uncontaminated by pollutants so that all Americans can enjoy them. This includes championing incentives that protect the wilderness and recreation areas that also promote clean and healthy forests, air, water, and wildlife.

Finally, Shannon wants to invest in clean-up programs for already damaged areas of the country. This is a great idea, especially with the growing crisis with our drinking water and air pollution.

Other District 8 Candidates:

District 9

District 9, your incumbent has the green thing on lockdown. Keep up the good work.

Our pick: Adam Smith – (Campaign Site)

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 1996
  • Member, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus

Smith is doing pretty well on the green energy front. From his time in office, he has consistently voted for tax credits and incentives to make using green energy more feasible and to fund research and development for renewable technologies. He introduced the High-Performance Buildings Act, which improves the energy efficiency of low-income housing (WOW!).

He’s always been pushing and supporting for cars with better fuel economy, and was really involved with legislation that made fuel economy standards get stricter. He sponsored the Department of Defense Energy Security Act of 2011, which focused more money and research into green and alternative energy solutions for the military. He has cosponsored a lot of legislation that would develop stricter emissions standards for power plants and has supported responsible funding for specific EPA projects and programs that have actually been helpful.

Smith has also been a big promoter of green energy as a way to increase our national security. Reducing our reliance on foreign oil will strengthen America’s economic independence and improve the environment. A win-win.

Other District 9 Candidates:

District 10

Hey 10, most of your candidates have something good and positive to say about renewable energy and protecting the environment, but nothing substantial enough that we could meet our endorsement. Your incumbent is pretty vague on his platform about green energy, but he has shown that he supports curbing greenhouse gas emissions and government funding for renewable energy research. However, we think this is a district where you should vote based on other important issues.


Denny Heck (D) – (Campaign Site) – incumbent since 2012

Tamborine Borrelli (Progressive)

Joseph Brumbles (R)

Nancy Dailey Slotnick (I)

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