District 30

Eddie Bernice Johnson (D)(Campaign Site)Rank: Good

Although Johnson’s websites don’t discuss environmental and energy issues, she has an LCV score of 85%, which shows her general support for eco-friendly policies.

Shawn Jones (L)Rank: Unknown

Jones’ website does not discuss environmental or energy issues.

District 31

John Carter (R)(Campaign Site) – Incumbent since 2003- Rank: Bad

Carter is all lip service. He wants his incumbents to think that he supports green energy, but in reality, he just supports the oil industry. He supports government funding for new green technologies, but he does not support any sort of regulation for greenhouse gas emission. His LCV scorecard score is 4%. Time for a change so that TX-31 can get the renewable energy push it deserves.

MJ Hegar (D)Rank: Unknown

Hegar does not have information available about her green energy platform.

Jason Hope (L) – Rank: Unknown
Hope does not have any information available on his platform about climate change or sustainability.

District 32

Pete Sessions (R)(Campaign Site) – Incumbent since 2003 – Rank: Bad

Sessions likes to think he’s an all-of-the-above energy approach supporter, but in reality, he’s an oil and natural gas supporter. He wants to roll back important refining regulations and undermine the EPA. He has continuously voted the government out of energy, and by extensions, the sustainable energy sector. His overall LCV scorecard rating is a 2%. Let’s get someone into Congress who isn’t concerned with corporate profits and is more concerned with keeping Texas healthy and clean.

Colin Allred (D) – Rank: Strong

Allred has pledged to support renewable energy in Congress, including funding so that Texas can lead the way in sustainable energy. This will generate jobs and bolster the economy. He has pledged to continue to fund the EPA and NOAA so that they can continue to work at keeping our country and oceans clean and healthy. He also would like to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, demonstrating his commitment to global sustainability.

Melina Baker (L) – Rank: Unknown

Baker does not have information pertaining to the environment in her platform.

District 33

Marc Veasey (D)(Campaign Site) – Rank: Good

Veasey doesn’t have much to say about green energy or environmental regulations and protections, but his voting record shows that he generally supports green initiatives. His LCV scorecard rank is a solid 88%.

Willie Billups (R) – Rank: Unknown

Billups does not have information about sustainability in his platform.

Jason Reeves (L)- Rank: Unknown

Reeves does not have an internet presence.

District 34

Filemon Vela (D) – Incumbent since 2013 – Rank: Weak

Vela supports an all-of-the-above approach to energy. He likes to quote statistics instead of giving stances. His LCV scorecard rating is 73%, which isn’t bad but could definitely be better considering the renewable energy potential in TX-34. He also supports fracking, which has been proven to be a dangerous method of oil extraction and a huge polluter.

Rey Gonzalez (R) – Rank: Unknown

Gonzalez is a conservative without much to say about energy production.

District 35

Lloyd Doggett (D) – Incumbent since 2013 – Rank: Strong

Doggett doesn’t have much to discuss when it comes to green energy, but his voting record speaks for itself. He supports increasing, and increasing rapidly, sustainable energy production in Texas, and is fighting to keep the environment from being polluted beyond repair. He would like to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and has pledged to help restructure the energy economy of Texas. His LCV score is an impressive 97%. Good work putting Doggett in Congress.

David Smalling (R)Rank: Unknown

Smalling does not have information available regarding his sustainable energy platform.

Clark Patterson (L)Rank: Bad

Patterson does not think that the government should be policing greenhouse gasses or promoting sustainable energy over fossil fuels. He does not admit to the science of climate change and denies that human activity has resulted in damaging climate problems globally. He pathetic defense: “cold weather kills more humans each year than does hot weather.” Please don’t let this guy take office.

District 36

Brian Babin (R) – Incumbent since 2014 – Rank: Bad

Babin has spent his career cutting funding in Congress for the EPA and other important environmental regulations. His lifelong LCV scorecard rating is a 0%, meaning he has never once in his entire career as a politician done anything nice for the environment. He does not support regulating greenhouse gasses, and also does not support renewable energy initiatives.

Dayna Steele (D)Rank: Weak

Steele notes that a lot of politicians are profiting from the weakened state of environmental regulations at the cost of the public and private health sectors. She states that she will support and fund the EPA and work towards a clean and sustainable environment.

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