Pennsylvania District 6


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District 6 Representatives

Chrissy Houlahan
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Chrissy Houlahan has been an incumbent since 2019. Her LCV scorecard overall ranking is 97%.

Houlahan really has a passion for mitigating the effects of climate change. She introduced an amendment to the Climate Action Now Act which requires the president to lay out how the US will help our allies and other nations meet goals to stop climate change. She wants to go above and beyond the Paris Climate Agreement and work aggressively to combat inaction.

Her voting record is consistent with her platform, and she has voted to protect American from increased carbon and methane pollution, has voted to keep and increase protections for endangered species and lands, and has voiced concerns about dirty energy production and maintenance.

Outside of office, she was the founding COO of B-Lab, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting B Corps. She is an engineer and dedicated to making her committee a better place, either through teaching or volunteering.

We think Houlahan is doing a great job in Congress, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

John Emmons
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John Emmons is a manufacturing executive and a chemical engineer.

Emmons has a solid environmental platform. In his career working in manufacturing he worked towards reducing energy and water consumption in businesses and worked towards reducing manufacturing waste and raw material usage. These are really big areas to focus on when it comes to clean energy and sustainability, and we like that he’s taking a stand on reducing manufacturing waste and consumption.

Conservation is also a topic he claims to be passionate about. He wants to be a good steward of the planet and use the materials we have with integrity. He walks what he talks, and drives fuel efficient cars, grows his own vegetables, and supports famer’s markets.

Emmons has a nice blend of systemic and personal sustainability techniques under his belt, and he would most likely make advantageous decisions when it comes to clean energy and sustainability in Congress.

John McHugh
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John McHugh is a Honey Brook Township Supervisor and businessman.

McHugh wants to see cooperation between the population and Congress to make sure that the environment is preserved, but he doesn’t have a specific plan of action. He wants to “double food production by mid-century” but doesn’t specify what type of food, where it will be grown, or for who.

As far as clean energy goes, his stance is overly simple, he wants the US energy policies to all line up with environmental needs. Although a good sentiment, sentiments don’t make sweeping policy changes, and we want to know where he would start and what he would support to move US energy policy aware from dirty energy production. Additionally, he supports nuclear energy, which is still a very divided topic among environmentalist.