Pennsylvania District 4


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Pennsylvania Senators

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District 4 Representatives

Madeleine Dean
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Madeleine Dean has been an incumbent since 2019. Her LCV overall scorecard ranking is 97%

Dean has a schedule. She wants a stronger EPA with better leaders to create effectual change. She cosponsored the Climate Action Now Act, now passed in the House of Representatives, to keep the US in the Paris Agreement and require the President to develop a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a margin of 26-28%. She has a demonstrated concern in getting PFAS/PFOA under control in our water systems and has discussed the necessary steps to eliminate the threat this chemical poses. She is the founding member of the PFAS Tas Force, which is a bipartisan group working to combat water contamination through legislation.

Her voting record is prominently pro-environment and pro-clean energy. She did vote against the USMCA trade deal, which is a tiny dent against her, but overall, her records prove that she is passionate about clean water and moving towards a sustainable and clean future.

Joe Tarshish
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Joe Tarshish is a research analyst.

Tarshish does not have information about his platform on sustainability or clean energy.

Kathy Barnette
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Kathy Barnette is political commentator and former adjunct professor of corporate finance. 

Barnette does not have any information regarding her stance on sustainability or clean energy available