Pennsylvania District 2


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District 2 Representatives

Brendan Boyle
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Brendan Boyle has been an incumbent since 2015. His LCV Scorecard overall ranking is 97%

Boyle has voted yes on pretty much every single pro-environmental piece of legislation to come through the House. His special project in the past year or so has been to get legislation introduced that limits and addresses PFAS in drinking water and working towards a solution to that problem. He also introduced legislation create clean energy jobs in manufacturing. This bill has two really good aspects to it. The first is that it will invest in U.S. manufacturers to supply clean energy projects with equipment, and second, is that this equipment will be American-made. A win-win.

Boyle is a good pick for District 2, and we hope he will stay in the House to continue with all these good initiatives he’s started.

David Torres
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David Torres is a businessman. 

David Torres does not have any information available on his political platforms.