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District 18 Representatives

Mike Doyle
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Mike Doyle has been an incumbent since 1995. His LCV scorecard rank is at 79%.

Doyle has done a lot and voted a lot during his tenure in Congress. He is currently pushing forward his bill, the Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act, which would extend tax credit to energy storage. This is one of the details of the transition to clean energy that is crucial to creating a sustainable society. Legislation like this is necessary to create a society that can actively work with newer forms of renewable energy without running into debilitating legal obstacles.

Congressman Doyle has also worked to provide funding for research programs to expand fuel cell technology for use in heavy duty vehicles. He also has worked to deploy and fund more clean energy vehicles including buses, so that communities can become more reliant on public transit and kids can go to school without creating as big of an impact on our environment by reducing carbon emissions from cars.

In industry, Doyle has voted to provide funding to create technologies that run on cleaner energy and produce less pollution. He has suggested and supported carbon capture technologies, which can still be used once we stop producing carbon to reduce the amount of carbon pollution in the atmosphere. He has also voted to fund programs that improve energy efficiency of both private residences and public businesses. These are all important aspects of the fight for clean energy and are necessary is we are to move away from a fossil fuel economy.

As far as the environment goes, he has a pretty good record of voting to keep our public lands safe from oil expansion and drilling and has voted to protect endangered species and ecosystems.

For 15 years in Congress, Doyle has done a pretty good job of keeping the environment safe and mitigating the effects of climate change, and his record has only improved with the science, and has said he supports a 100% clean energy economy by the year 2050.

Janis Brooks
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Janis Brooks is a pastor.

Brooks says that environmental pollutants are poisoning us and impacting our health, but we would like to see some more robust policy plans.

Jerry Dickinson
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Jerry Dickinson is an attorney & Law Professor. 

Dickinson has stated that he supports the Green New Deal, a ban on fracking, and investing is sustainable energy industries. He wants to see America on 100% clean and renewable energy forms by 2030.

These are bold statements and we support the ideas behind them, but overall, we would like to see more details from Dickinson.

Luke Negron
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Luke Negron is a nonprofit Group Community Outreach Manager. 

Negron tries to posit that he’s pro-environment, but in the same sentence he also says that protecting our lands from fracking and thinks that global warming is government-driven power grab creating by pseudo-scientists. He claims that as a Christian he is bound to be a good steward of the Earth, but he doesn’t think that Earthly governments should have any say in how to protect the Earth.

He does state that America should be holding our allies and fellow industrial countries to a high standard, but he comes across a tad hypocritical as he doesn’t think America should be doing much differently in terms of industrial and energy production if our allies and other nations aren’t either. It’s hard to hold other countries to a standard we aren’t even trying to achieve.

Dan Vayda
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Dan Vayda is a retiree. 

Vayda does not have any information available on his stances on sustainability and clean energy.

Don Nevills
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Don Nevills is a tattoo artist. 

Nevills does not have any information available on his stances on sustainability and clean energy.