Pennsylvania District 17


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District 17 Representatives

Conor Lamb
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Conor Lamb has been a congressman since 2018. His LCV scorecard is at 85%

Lamb has introduced some good legislation. One of his Acts has been to refine and expand research programs to focus on modernizing the nation’s electric grid. He has championed a few other bills that deal with innovative and clean energy technology and advancement.

There are a few bad marks on his record, however. He voted to repeal some clean water safeguards, which would affect the waterways that feed into drinking water sources. On occasion he has voted against strengthening certain protections for endangered species and ecosystems.

Overall, Lamb has a sold environmental record and we think he will continue to do his best protecting the environment and fighting climate change in Congress.

Sean Parnell
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Sean Parnell is an author. 

Parnell does not have any information available on his stances on sustainability and clean energy.