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District 16 Representatives

Mike Kelly
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Mike Kelly has been an incumbent since 2011. His LCV scorecard rank is at 4%.

Kelly should and can do better for his sustainability and clean energy platform. His all of the above/all of the below approach to energy is a sham, he hasn’t put any effort into voting for clean energy alternatives. He knows that there isn’t one single solution to solving America’s energy challenges (his words) but he’s consistently voted to make sure that dirty energy remains the only viable solution for many Americans.

This congressman has supported construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and supports expanding our coal industry instead of expanding out solar or wind energy industries. If he was interested at all in making sure his all of the above approach was even minutely realized, he would have put more effort into literally any sort of clean energy.

His one saving grace is that he voted to keep some funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Otherwise, his voting record and his personal statement make it clear that he’s clearly anti-environment and anti-clean energy.

Kristy Gnibus
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Kristy Gnibus is a teacher. 

Gnibus acknowledges that fighting climate change is a top priority and needs to be addressed quickly. She wants to take steps to creating sustainable jobs in District 16, including electric vehicle manufacturing and updating coastal infrastructure.

She has pledged not to take money from corporate PACs or big oil and coal companies. Although she seems to have a solid understanding of the importance of addressing climate change, her platform does not have very many details.