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District 15 Representatives

Glenn Thompson
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Glenn “GT” Thompson has been a Congressman since 2009. His LCV scorecard rating is 5%

Thompson is about as bad as it gets. He supports onshore and offshore oil drilling to keep America running on fossil fuels. Although he claims that this is necessary as a means to keep the country running while more sustainable and clean energy methods are up and running, he has voted against any funding to make sure that renewable energy can even gain a stronger foothold in the energy market. He promises to support “appropriate” sustainable legislation, but apparently nothing seems appropriate to him, since he has voted against almost every single clean energy and sustainability bill to pass through Congress since 2009.

In addition to supporting fossil fuels, Thompson rambles on about his support for energy saving measures, like higher fuel standards, tax credits, and technological advancements. We have a few issues with this. First, as a society we should be requesting that corporations, which are much bigger polluters than the standard household, are held accountable for their emissions. Thompson voted against holding corporation accountable with taxes and emission cap programs but encourages small families to use less energy by “turning off lights when you’re not in the room.” Saving energy and reducing pollution should not fall solely on the shoulders of the people who need light to feed their families, but instead on the businesses that are causing the vast majority of the pollution to begin with. Second, he voted against research and design funding for new, energy efficient technologies that could have helped create more energy efficient retrofitting in the industrial sector. Third, he voted against taxing corporations for their emission outputs.

Sounds like he’s all lip service.

Robert Williams
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Robert Williams is a minister. 

Williams does not have any information available on his stances on sustainability and clean energy.