Pennsylvania District 14


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District 14 Representatives

Bill Marx
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Bill Marx is a teacher and Army Veteran.

Marx has a few things to say about clean energy. He wants to modernize infrastructure and bring broadband to rural America. He wants to conserve natural resources, public parks, and historic landscapes.

We wish that Marx had more information available about his stances on clean energy and sustainability.

Guy Reschenthaler
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Guy Reschenthaler has been an incumbent since 2019. His LCV scorecard rank is at 7%.

Reschenthaler openly supports coal mining and using other firms of dirty energy to power America. His inability to look past antiquated energy production methods will become detrimental to District 14 when clean energy production becomes a larger portion of America’s energy production. Instead of clinging to these old ways of energy, he could be supporting and advocating for new, cleaner forms of energy to come to Pennsylvania, and implementing programs to make sure the families that make a living working in coal, oil, and natural gas have the resources and support they need to transfer to working in a clean energy economy.

Additionally, Reschenthaler has voted again any methane and carbon emission caps, voted to repeal protections for endangered species, and voted to allow drilling in the artic and other treasured national landmarks. We think that District 14 can do better.