Pennsylvania District 13


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District 13 Representatives

Todd Rowley
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Todd Rowley is a retired FBI Agent.

Rowley knows that climate change is real and wants to put America on a path that will put us foremost in the race to end the horrifying effects of climate change. His list of top priorities are:

  • Invest in a renewable energy economy
  • Strengthen water and air standards at a federal level
  • Reform the EPA into an accountable and effective government organization dedicated to environmental protection
  • Improving public and private energy efficiency standards
  • Reduce energy emissions by improving manufacturing technology
  • Maintain soil health programs protect crop production and food supply
  • Implement and strengthen programs for reforestation, wetland preservation, and general conservation
  • Implement and strengthen programs addressing ocean ecosystems and plastic pollution in bodies of water
  • Protecting vulnerable wildlife and plants globally, and continuing to support and enforce the Endangered Species Act
  • Making climate change science transparent and available to American citizens.

We think Rowley will make a great congressman, and highly recommend him for the job of representing District 13.

John Joyce
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John Joyce has been an incumbent since 2019. His LCV scorecard rank is 3%.

Joyce is bad for the environment. He voted against reducing carbon emissions, supports the America’s withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and supports natural gas production.

Although he doesn’t say much about his stances on the environment and clean energy, what he does have available is pretty damning, and his voting record is even more so. Most representatives who are anti-environment have at least voted to ban shark finning, but Joyce voted not to ban this horrible exercise. He has voted to reduce protection for endangered species, to open our beautiful national parks to fracking and oil drilling, and to reduce methane emission standards. He has no interest in what is best for the environment or his constituents, and if left in office, will certainly do his best to run our planet into the ground (pun intended).