Pennsylvania District 12


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District 12 Representatives

Lee Griffin
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Lee Griffin is a warehouse operations director.

Griffin has a short paragraph about his platform on climate change, but it says good things about what he would do if he made it Congress. He wants to move away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy, cut carbon emission and build carbon capture programs.

These are great starts and Griffin wants to move in the right direction, but we need more concrete plans ti give him a higher ranking.

Fred Keller
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Fred Keller has been an incumbent since 2019. His LCV scorecard rating is 4%.

Keller has no interest in moving away from natural gas and oil refining as our main source of energy. His reluctance to support green energy alternatives and support clean energy production in his district is disappointing, but not surprising based on his voting record.

Keller has consistently voted to defund any attempt Congress has made to support growing green energy initiatives. He has also voted to curb the influence of the Clean Water Act, has voted to void any methane emissions caps, and refuses to protect national parks and lands from oil companies. These lands and parks are essential to protecting the endangered species and other at-risk environments. Keller does not care about America; he cares about money.