Pennsylvania District 11


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Pennsylvania Senators

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District 11 Representatives

Paul Daigle
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Paul Daigle is a University Student Employment Manager.

Daigle has made a few campaign promises that align with our standards. He supports both the Green and Blue New Deals, which move to take America into a clean energy future and to protect our oceans and waterways from overfishing. He wants to see more advocation for greener buildings and operating procedures in general and wants to see America meeting international standards for protecting the global environment.

Daigle look like he has a great plan started, and we think he would make a good addition to Congress.

Sarah Hammond
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Sarah Hammond is a High School Hockey Coach.

Hammond knows that climate change is a pressing issue and supports taking action to prevent any further harm. She supports the Green New Deal and wants to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental destruction through dirty energy.

If Hammond had more information available on herp platform we think she would make a good impact in Congress.

Lloyd Smucker
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Lloyd Smucker has been a member of Congress since 2016. His LCV scorecard rank is 4%.

Smucker has about two good things going him. He doesn’t support the Trump Administration’s Solar Tariff Decision, and he wants to secure funding to stop the spread of the invasive spotted lanternfly.

Outside of that, he’s spent his time in Congress blocking funding to clean energy research and production, voting to let big oil drill and frack wherever they want. He has voted against the Clean Water act, funding for cleaning air pollution and capping pollution emissions. His entire stance on agriculture is that the federal government shouldn’t regulate the export of raw milk to the 28 states that don’t prohibit the sale of raw milk, instead of lobbying for real change, like creating dairy processing plants to make yogurt or cheese.

Smucker is simply bad all around for the environment, and he spends his time advocating for small issues instead of systemic change. The small issues are important but are ultimately a stopgap to preventing larger issues that will result from unchecked climate change.