Pennsylvania District 10


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District 10 Representatives

Euegene DePasquale
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Eugene DePasquale is a State Auditor General, Ex-State Rep & attorney.

DePasquale has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters and Clean Water Action Pennsylvania. During his tenure as the Deputy Secretary pf the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, he helped the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act, which requires a certain amount of energy sold to be produced through alternative, sustainable means. He continued to work on projects that helped tackle climate change and increasing renewable energy production in Pennsylvania.

Fracking has been another issue that DePasquale has managed head on. He released a report that found that the government is not prepared to adequately mitigate the effects of fracking pollution in water and requested a strategy to combat these pollutants and a reform of fracking policy in Pennsylvania.

In Congress, DePasquale wants to work towards a better storage method for renewable energy sources. He wants renewable energy to be incentivized and America switched over to green energy as soon as financially possible, without hurting working class families. He wants to address the pollution in the Susquehanna River from agriculture runoff and wants to regulate idling along trucking corridors to reduce air pollution.

DePasquale will make a great addition to Congress.

Tom Brier
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Tom Brier is an attorney & author.

Brier adopted Governor Jay Inslee’s approach to climate change, so we know he has his head on straight. Here are his top six points of priority for climate change:

  • 100% clean energy by 2045
  • Investing in infrastructure and infrastructure innovation
  • Making climate change the basis of US foreign policy
  • Transitioning off fossil fuels and holding polluters accountable
  • Investing in communities most affected by climate change
  • Improving American farming communities and protecting public lands

Brier suggests aggressively cutting carbon pollution and to decarbonize the US by at least half by 2030. He wants clean electricity, union jobs for infrastructure projects, and active assistance to restore the environment.

Brier would make a great addition to the House of Representatives.

Scott Perry
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Scott Perry has been a Congressman since 2013. His LCV scorecard is at 3%

Perry supports an all-of-the-above approach to energy. He claims to support hydro-energy as his preferred form of clean energy, but his voting record would contradict that statement, as every time a bill has come up to increase or fund clean water or clean energy he has voted against it. For wanting to exploit a power source and create jobs while doing so, he’s done remarkably little to make that goal a reality.

Additionally, he wants to continue using natural gas and oil to play the central role in our energy consumption. He has voted to allow offshore fracking, oil drilling in the artic, and has basically allowed every single piece of legislation that deals with expanding oil and natural gas expansion that has gone through the House to pass. He never votes to allocate funding for renewable energy, but he has continuously allowed funding for dirty energy production. Doesn’t sound very “all-of-the-above” to us, sounds much more like a dirty energy advocate.