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District 1 Representatives

Brian Fitpatrick
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Brian Fitzpatrick has been an incumbent since 2017. His LCV scorecard overall rating is 80%.

Looking at Fitzpatrick’s voting record, it’s clear to see what divides him on climate change and green energy. He has unerringly supported movements to protect land, wildlife, and national monuments from oil drilling and extraction, has supported carbon and methane pollution limitations, and overall has voted to keep national parks and other ecologically significant areas safe. He has generally voted to increase sustainable energy production as he can since being in Congress. However, he consistently denies funding for almost all projects or initiatives. Funding is one of the biggest roadblocks to creating more opportunities for sustainable energy projects to really create an economic impact, and funding is also the key turning point to moving away from dirty energy and towards sustainable energy.

Overall, Fitzpatrick has been one of the more noticeable bipartisan politicians in Congress, and has made some progress towards uniting the two parties on the issues of climate change and sustainable energy.

Christina Finello
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Christina Finello is an Ivyland Borough Councilwoman, Attorney & Psychologist.

Finello only allows a quick glance into her sustainability platform, but from what we can see, she seems to support some good, cornerstone initiatives. She wants to end reliance on fossil fuels (doesn’t explain how she would do that, but supporting it is a good place to start) and proposes investing into renewable energies like solar and wind. She would push to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement – which the US abandoned years ago. She also wants to curb greenhouse gas emissions, either by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement or through other measures.

One of the highlights of her platform is certainly that she addresses the harmful toxins, like pesticides, that pollute our air and water. Addressing these pollutants is essential for public health and is especially important in agricultural communities.

Skylar Hurwitz
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Skylar Hurwitz is a blockchain Cryptocurrency Business Consultant.

Hurwitz has a plan. He wants a 10-year renewable energy program that will eliminate a consumer electricity bill by the end of that decade (not sure how he plans to make that happen – we would love to see the details of the plan, though!) and make Americans self-reliant for their energy needs. Although this is an admirable goal, not all Americans will be able to achieve complete self-reliance from power companies, so having a back-up plan for them is essential.

His solution to finding jobs for displaced oil, coal, and gas workers is to automatically enroll them in a program for sustainable jobs. Although that sounds great in theory, automatic enrollment will make many practitioners in this sector very disillusioned with working in sustainability (no one likes to be forced to do anything). Optional enrollment and other at-will programs to rehabilitate these energy workers is a preferable solution, but we like that Hurwitz is in the same ballpark.

He also suggests an Electricity for All program, which would (hopefully) be budget-neutral after 15 years and transition the grid to 100% clean, renewable energy. Hurwitz also intends to implement a weatherization measures to make buildings more energy efficient. The final cornerstones of his platform are land preservation and sustainable agriculture, which he mentions supporting but doesn’t elaborate on.

Andy Meehan
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Andy Meehan is an Investment Executive. 

Meehan does not have any information on sustainability or a green energy platform.

Steve Scheetz
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Steve Scheetz is a Building Contractor

Scheetz does not have a website to establish his platform, and there was no information available on his Facebook page regarding sustainability or green energy.