New York District 7


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District 7 Representatives

Nydia Velazquez
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Nydia Velazquez  has been an incumbent since  2013. Her lifetime LCV Score: 94%

Velazquez has demonstrated a commitment to protecting the environment ever since she was first elected in 1993. She has used her position to vote against bills that stand to hurt the environment like the Keystone XL Pipeline proposal. Not only does she have an impressive lifetime LCV score of 94%, but for the past 5 years, Velazquez has achieved a score of 100%. This extremely impressive record shows that Velazques has the determination necessary to set America on the right track in regards to climate change. Not only does Velazquez recognize climate change as the serious issue it is, but she has promised to take bold action against it. Her consistent devotion to protecting the environment makes Velazquez a fantastic candidate for the position.