New York District 6


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District 6 Representatives

Grace Meng
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Grace Meng has been an incumbent since 2013. Her lifetime LCV Score: 97%

Meng has an extremely impressive record involving sustainable legislation. With a lifetime LCV score of 97%, she has one of the best in New York state. Her commitment to preserving the environment shows through every decision she makes in congress. She takes a cautionary stance on issues such as hydrofracking, which have little information about how safe they are for the environment. Meng’s preemptive policies are exactly the type of action that we need to take in order to set the USA and the world on the right track. For her extremely impressive voting record and progressive policies, Meng has our support.

Mel Gagarin
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Mel Gagarin  is an Ex-Congressional Aide.

Gagarin supports the Green New Deal as a way to make a necessary shift to more sustainable policies in America. It is necessary to have politicians that not only acknowledge climate change, but are ready to take bold actions in order to set America and the world on the right path. We would like to see Gagarin go into more detail about how he will help make America more sustainable.

Sandra Choi
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Sandra Choi  is an Urban Economic Development Professional.

Choi knows that immediate change is necessary in order to turn the tide of climate change. She supports bold action such as the Green New Deal in order to foster a more sustainable future by creating more clean energy jobs and by adopting environmental policies and infrastructure. We would like to see Choi make some more specific plans about how she will make an environmental difference as a politician. Choi’s promises to help make America more sustainable are what makes her a good candidate.

Tom Zmich
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Tom Zmich  is a bricklayer.

Zmich makes no mention of climate change on his campaign website. It is dangerous to have politicians in office who don’t recognize one of the (if not the) biggest issues facing the world. Electing Zmich would be a step in the wrong direction regarding climate change.