New York District 5


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District 5 Representatives

Gregory Meeks
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Gregory Meeks has been an incumbent since 1998. His lifetime LCV Score: 90%

Meeks’ impressive LCV score shows his devotion to protecting the environment through progressive legislation. Not only is his lifetime score positive, but in recent years it has been improving. His commitment to environmentally friendly infrastructure within the district will set a higher standard for the rest of the state and country. Meeks also serves on the Energy and Environment subcommittee where he can make real differences in our environment. We need more politicians like Meeks in the order to keep America on the right path to fight climate change.

Shainyat Chowdhury
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Shaniyat Chowdhury  is a  Bartender,.

Chowdury recognizes the urgency of the issue of climate change, and he knows that we need to act now in order to set America and the world on the right path. His support of the Green New Deal shows that he is devoted to fighting climate change. Chowdury’s commitment to making the world sustainable earn him our support, but we would like to see a more detailed climate mitigation plan from him.

Amit Lal
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Amit Lal is a Logistics Professional.

Amit Lal doesn’t have any information available on his stances on sustainability, clean energy, or climate change