New York District 3


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District 3 Representatives

Melanie D’Arrigo
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Melanie D’Arrigo   is a Nonprofit Group Executive.

What we like about D’Arrigo’s campaign is that she directly acknowledges the urgency of the issue of climate change. She knows we need to take action now before it is too late. D’Arrigo sees climate change as one of New York’s largest issues, being a coastal state.

D’Arrigo believes the Green New Deal is an excellent way to set the U.S. on the right track in regards to renewable energy. Her main goals are to decrease America’s dependency on fossil fuels and to decrease greenhouse gases. It is important to have representatives such as D’Arrigo who focus on the current, pressing issue of climate change.

Michael Weinstock
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Michael Weinstock  is an attorney & Volunteer Firefighter. 

Weinstock holds climate change as one of his top campaign issues. He not only recognizes climate change as real, but also realizes that is a primary threat to future generations. Weinstock shows a ton of promise as he supports the Green New Deal. He vows to counteract the dangerous actions taken by the Trump Administration, such as pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement. Weinstock has the values that we need to turn this country in the right direction environmentally. For his lifelong commitment to environmental activism, Weinstock has our support.

Tom Suozzi
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Tom Suozzi has been an incumbent since 2017. His lifetime LCV Score: 97%

Suozzi has spent his time in Congress securing funding (a 500% increase from previous years) for to clean up the Navy  and to clean up the Long Island Sound. He is a member of the climate change caucus, where he advocates for policies that mitigate climate change and other environmental safeguards.

He has also voted to fund research on how climate change is affecting national security, and how climate change will impact our nation’s defense. He has previously been named “New York State Environmentalist of the Year” by the League of Conservation Voters. He also championed the bill to put America back into the Paris Climate Agreement.

According to his campaign website, Suozzi is focused on waste and drinking water improvements, green energy production, improving electric vehicles and upgrading infrastructure to support them.

Daniel Ross
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Daniel Ross is an Administrative Assistant.

The only information Ross has available on environmental positions is that clean water and sustainable living are campaign issues he focuses on. We would like to see more detailed policy suggestions from him.

Josh Sauberman
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Josh Sauberman  is an Insurance Broker and a Ex-UN Policy Analyst.

Sauberman recognizes that climate change is an immediate issue and that humans are the cause. He points out that Long Island is going to be hit especially hard by climate change. He states that, as a legislator, he would encourage green power such as solar and wind by providing economic incentives for the industry. These are pretty strong commitments in the area of energy production, but we would like to see Sauber commit to reducing our carbon footprint in other areas, such as agriculture and public transit. Overall, Sauber’s policies would help to propel the US in the right direction environmentally.

George Devolder-Santos
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George Devolder-Santos is a Business Development Executive.

Santos has some pros and cons in terms of his environmental policies. He does support increasing funding for green energy production. He also encourages research into carbon sequestration using reforestation.

While these policies are a step in the right direction, it isn’t a big enough commitment. In order to set America on the right path for climate change legislation. He specifically mentions his disapproval of the Green New Deal, calling it a “a radical agenda that will take over and destroy the American economy”. In order for Santos to earn our support, he would need to take a more definitive stance on climate change issues.