New York District 25


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District 25 Representatives

Joe Morelle
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Joe Morelle has been an incumbent since 2018. His LCV scorecard rank is 97%.

In congress, Morelle has co-sponsored many climate legislations, including the Climate Emergency Resolution, which would declare a climate emergency and force the government to implement changes, and the Climate Action Now Act, which reaffirms our position in the Paris Agreement. He also co-sponsored and introduced the 100% Clean Economy Act, which plans to replace harmful energy with clean energy sources in all sectors of the economy and requires net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide.

Robin Wilt
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Robin Wilt is a Brighton Town Councilwoman and a realtor.

Wilt emphasizes science in her platform, promising to invest in scientifically-vetting solutions for climate change; she also completely supports the green new deal. She would like polluters to be taxed, with that money going toward communities of color that suffer the most from climate change. Her energy plan is to incentivize transition to 100% renewable energy by 2028, and she supports the cleanup of communities suffering from water, soil, and air pollution at the expense of polluters.