New York District 24


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New York Senators

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District 24 Representatives

Francis Conole
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Francis Conole is an intelligence analyst.

Conole emphasizes the impact of climate change in New York, mentioning contaminated algal blooms in lakes and the flooding of Lake Ontario. He wants to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, quickly transition to clean energy, and reinforce our infrastructure. To protect water from contamination by the algal blooms, Canole says we must invest in new technology to repair or replace septic tanks, update wastewater treatment plants, and install green stormwater infrastructure to prevent toxic runoff. A final recommendation is to upgrade our buildings to run from renewable energy, restore ecosystems, and implement sustainable transportation investments, as well as invest in research and development.

Dana Balter
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Dana Balter is a college professor.

Balter supports both carbon fees and dividends with hopes that they will cause investment in renewable energy. She further wants to reinstate all the environmental protections that the current administration rolled back, and invest in our infrastructure to ensure safe drinking water and the ability to use renewable energy in every community. Sustainable agriculture is also important to Balter, and she plans on incentivising the use of sustainable agriculture practices. She also believes that we should not expand drilling offshores, and should further prevent any offshore drilling as it endangers the water supply and lowers property values, and she wants to preserve our federal parks and lands.