New York District 22


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District 22 Representatives

Anthony Brindisi
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Anthony Brindisi has been an incumbent since 2019. His LCV scorecard is 97%.

Brindisi has had a strong record with environmental issues since his time in the New York State Assembly, and that has continued through to his time in congress. In Albany, he sponsored legislation banning toxic chemicals in furniture and has supported clean energy and water legislation. Brindisi disagrees with the green new deal since it does not consider nuclear or hydroelectric power clean energy. He does, however, support the Climate Action Now Act, which wants to put the United States back into the Paris Agreement.

Claudia Tenney
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Claudia Tenney is an ex-Congresswoman, Ex-State Assemblywoman & Attorney.

Tenney does not have environmental stances on her website or elsewhere; however, her environmental score as an assemblywoman in 2015 was 43 and in 2016 was 66; her lifetime conservation score in 6%.

George Phillips
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George Phillips is an ex-Broome County Legislator and teacher.

Phillips does not have any environmental stances on his website or elsewhere. We would love to hear from him about his views!

James Desira
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James Desira is a mechanic.

Desira supports continued investment in renewable energy production and removing plastic from the ocean. Aside from these two issues however, he does not discuss or elaborate on environmental stances.