New York District 17


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District 17 Representatives

Adam Schleifer
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Adam Schleifer is an attorney.

Schleifer believes that we have the right to a healthy and habitable planet, and worked to protect our environment as a federal prosecutor. He plans to restore the EPA and government’s respect for science through strengthening congressional oversight, and wants to implement a carbon tax on fossil fuel companies. On the other hand, he also wants to create tax incentives for green technology to encourage development. Another one of his ideas is a Green Infrastructure Corps as a national service program, where the number of years serviced equals the number of years of free vocational training or higher education.

David Buchwald
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David Buchwald is a state assemblyman, Ex-White Plains City Councilman & Attorney.

Buchwald plans to undo many of the current administration’s harmful policies, and he supports the Green New Deal to create jobs while working to fight climate change. He also states a need to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and to remove polluters from the EPA and other federal agencies. Closer to home, he also discusses protecting the Hudson River through holding General Electric accountable for pollution and blocking the government from allowing it further. Buchwald has further earned a perfect score in the New York State Assembly every year from the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Evelyn Farkas
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Evelyn Farkas is an ex-US Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary, Senior Fellow & Ex-Congressional Aide

Farkas sees sustainability as inseparable from national security, and views the climate crisis as a social justice, economic, and public health issue for our society to deal with. She plans to both defend and expand current environmental legislation like the clean water act and the endangered species act, increase EPA funding, and create incentives for both investing in electric transportation and innovating wind and solar manufacturing. Farkas also supports instituting a carbon tax and creating policies towards carbon neutrality by 2050. She has also co-authored a report on the impacts of climate change globally and how it affects security issues, so she has experience researching the crisis.

Mondaire Jones
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Mondaire Jones is an attorney & Nonprofit Group Co-Founder

The environment is Jones’s number one priority, and he has a solid, detailed climate plan, with the first step enacting a Green New Deal to move us to 100% renewable energy, ultimately creating 20 million jobs in the process and ensuring a fair transition. He plans to co-sponsor Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal for Public Housing Act as well, which puts over $180 billion over 10 years into sustainable housing changes to improve health and safety conditions, as well as eliminate emissions in housing, ultimately improving conditions in roughly 1.2 million public housing units. For the Indian Point Power Plant, he wants to immediately replace it with clean and renewable energy sources. Relatedly, Jones plans to reintroduce Rep. Nita Lowey’s Redistribution of Fines to our Communities Act (H.R. 4440), which will redistribute safety fines to the local communities to mitigate the economic impacts of closing the plant. He will also introduce legislation preventing industry lobbyists from serving on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Lastly, he supports making public transportation more accessible for those in certain suburbs and changing trains to clean energy, moving away from cars.

Allison Fine
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Allison Fine is a Nonprofit Leadership Consultant, Writer & Feminist Activist.

While Fine supports the Green New Deal as part of the solution, she believes more is necessary to fully combat climate change. Her goals include the immediate reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in 2030 and 85% in 2050 with an ultimate goal of reducing emissions to zero, which can be accomplished through tax incentives and renewable energy. She also declares that we need massive investments in green technology, to incentivize construction of zero-carbon buildings, promote clean energy cars and public transportation, and put in place cap and trade for carbon emissions, as was successfully accomplished with sulfur dioxide.

David Carlucci
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David Carlucci is a State Sen., Ex-Clarkston Town Clerk & Ex-Congressional Aide.

As a state senator, Carlucci co-sponsored the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, meant to address the effects of climate change in New York and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050. He also has a score of 100 from the New York League of Conservation Voters. He also sponsored an amendment to the constitution calling for the right to clean air, water, and a healthful environment, and supports investments in clean renewable energy. He does not list specific plans otherwise, so we would love to hear more!

Asha Castleberry-Hernandez
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Asha Castleberry-Hernandez is a college professor and an ex-US State Dept. Official.

Castleberry-Hernandez views climate change as the most significant and consequential issue currently, and completely supports the Green New Deal. She also supports improving the EPA water quality standards and shutting down Indian Point, a center home to two nuclear power plants. There is not much more information about her environmental views, so we would love to hear more!

Yehudis Gottesfeld
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Yehudis Gottesfeld is a doctoral student.

Despite Gottesfeld being a chemical engineer who has worked on environmental issues with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, she sees the view of quickly transitioning to renewable energy as unrealistic. She does not have any further stances on environmental issues out. We would love to hear more!

Maureen McArdle Schulman
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Maureen McArdle Schulman is a retired firefighter.

Shulman does not have a website or any environmental stances out. We would love to hear her views on climate change and energy!