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District 16 Representatives

Chris Fink
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Chris Fink is an attorney & Community Activist.

Fink has a very detailed agenda when it comes to climate change, with his first step being the proposal to immediately rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and the transition to carbon neutrality by 2040. This transition includes the immediate end of all subsidies to fossil fuel companies and projects, which should be redirected towards renewable energy, and harsher penalties for companies and individuals that disregard or ignore EPA regulations. He will also vote against all mining and drilling on public and native american lands, as well as in the deep ocean. Part of Fink’s appeal when it comes to climate change is his history, having spent the past 18 years on Bank of America’s Municipal Energy Group’s Environmental Impact Task Force and personally worked on over $24 billion in renewable energy projects since 2013. He also discusses changes in agriculture production, buildings, and transportation. Fink further addresses clean energy’s impact on plastic production, intending to fully support the legislation proposed by Congressmen Udall and Lowenthal to ensure companies are held accountable for their plastic pollution, forcing them to take the financial burden of cleaning it up.

Eliot Engel
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Eliot Engel has been a congressman since 1989. His LCV score is 93%

As an incumbent, Engel has sponsored numerous climate change and environmental proposals including the Green New Deal and the Climate Action Now Act. A New York representative since 1989, Engel has maintained high environmental score ratings, with only six out of 31 yearly scores below 90%. He also supported the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act, partially meant to repair the environment after Hurricane Sandy. As for clean energy, he reintroduced in 2017 the Open Fuel Act, which would require 50% of new automobiles by 2020 to operate on non petroleum fuels, a percent that will increase each year after. However, the act allows petroleum use in addition to non-petroleum fuels and will not necessarily lower fossil fuel emissions. He further supports the Paris Climate Agreement and believes we need to move to clean energy.

Jamaal Bowman
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Jamaal Bowman is a middle school principal & teacher.

Bowman supports the Green New Deal as the only solution that matches our climate change crisis. His plans if elected include a 100% move to clean and renewable energy by 2030 and repairing and upgrading infrastructure to support a zero-carbon system. Bowman also sees the importance of environmental justice, emphasizing the need to invest in greener housing and create an environmental justice fund. He has solid ideas and plans regarding climate change, but we would love more specifics.

Sammy Ravelo
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Sammy Ravelo is a retired NYPD Police Lieutenant.

Ravelo sees climate change as a very important issue, and addresses numerous concerns including research, green tech, new emission standards, and a carbon tax on polluters. He proposes a $30/ton tax on large emitters, that will increase by $5 per ton per year; for taxpayers, he mentions a carbon dividend to offset potential increases in costs. With foreign policy, he wants to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement and put in place a Carbon Tariff on imported goods by heavy polluters, as well as incentivize trade with nations that have made sufficient emissions cuts. While he does not discuss specific goals as to when we should reach carbon neutrality, he does have noticeable stances int