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District 15 Representatives

Melissa Mark-Viverito
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Melissa Mark-Viverito is an ex-NYC Council Speaker & Ex-NYC Councilwoman.

Mark-Viverito is committed to the Green New Deal and advocates for zero emissions by 2050 through transforming economic policy. More specifically, she supports zero emissions, no fossil fuels, and creating green jobs while accounting for environmental justice and the impact these changes have on marginalized communities. During her last meeting in 2017, she worked to move forward multiple environmental bills, including the Asthma Free Housing Act which requires building owners to address allergens that can cause asthma, and a bill to address energy efficiency grades on buildings, requiring buildings above 25,000 square feet to post at their public entrance an assigned letter grade based on the building’s energy use.

Michael Blake
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Michael Blake is a State Assemblyman & Ex-Obama White House Aide.

Blake has a solid history with climate advocacy and specific plans for addressing climate in congress. In the New York State Assembly, he co-sponsored climate change legislation that created greenhouse gas emission limits, a climate justice working group, and a renewable energy program to transition New York to cleaner energy. He is also the former policy director of Green for All, which works to both progress climate-sensitive policies while helping disadvantaged communities. He also lists specific focuses for if he is elected, including a ban on new fossil fuel development on federal lands and limiting fracking. He plans to work on transitioning the country to clean, renewable energy through increased tax credits for wind and solar energy producers and higher taxes on the biggest fossil fuel emitters. Environmental justice is also important in his plans, as well as supporting clean water laws and protecting the Bronx from methane pollution. His clear history and specific plans to transition to cleaner energy make him a great candidate.

Ydanis Rodriguez
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Ydanis Rodriguez is a NYC Councilman & Educator

Rodriguez discusses the impact pollution and climate change has on the Bronx, with the South Bronx’s asthma rate up to 76%. As a result, he believes that we need to lower our carbon footprint through moving to more renewable energy and encouraging transportation that relies on other energy sources. With that, he is pushing for free public transit. He also believes trucks need to use better practices instead of the continued emissions that contribute to poor air quality. Rodriguez is in support of the Green New Deal in its ability to create jobs while improving our climate and infrastructure. Given district 15’s poverty, he also believes they should receive more government funding to encourage air quality improvements. Lastly, he is encouraging increased education in environmental issues in schools and for the Bronx River to be cleaned. Rodriguez has a score of 100 from the New York League of Conservation Voters, based on his council votes.

Chivona Newsome
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Chivona Newsome is a Financial Advisor & Black Lives Matters Activist.

Newsome recognizes the challenge of addressing worsening environmental conditions as communities in this district suffer from increased asthma rates due to air pollution. She supports reinstating Obama’s Clean Power Plan to transition the country to cleaner energy, and believes that we need to prioritize the study of the relationship between environmental conditions and health outcomes. Newsome focuses a lot on environmental justice, and in congress, plans to work to expand access to clean air, clean water, and green space.

Frangell Basora
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Frangell Basora is an ex-District Attorney’s Office Employee & Ex-Congressional Intern. 

Basora recognizes climate change as an issue that disproportionately affects vulnerable communities, making him an advocate for environmental justice. He plans to address climate change while replacing jobs for citizens who are displaced due to the economic transition so no one is left without a livelihood. Basora also recognizes the impact climate change has on natural disasters, and supports transparent, long-term aid and increased resources for areas affected by these disasters.

Marlene Trapper
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Marlene Tapper is a political consultant and an ex-NYC Council Aide.

A strong advocate for environmental justice, Tapper believes counties suffering from environmental threats deserve full compensation and reparations for damages and health care. She mentions the Environmental Justice for All Act, which is in congress and meant to support those affected communities. Tapper also mentions the effects of pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and says that she will fight to reverse its damage. She further says that our greatest challenge over the next decade is the environment and increasing environmental oversight.

Ritchie Torres
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Ritchie Torres is a NYC Councilman.

While Torres does not have any environmental stances on his campaign website, he discussed at an environmental forum the need to invest in renewable energy while reducing emissions. He also expressed a need to create more green jobs, particularly in an effort to improve the health of the Bronx River. Another component he mentioned was the desire to electrify buses due to air quality concerns and to decommission the Cross Bronx Expressway. He has been endorsed by the New York League of Conservation Voters, with a score of 100% in both 2018 and 2019. We would love to see more from Torres in regards to his plans and stances!

Samelys Lopez
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Samelys Lopez is an ex-Bronx Community Board Member.

Lopez is a strong supporter of the Green New Deal and advocate for environmental justice. She is calling for decarbonization of NYC’s housing authority and fully funded federal resiliency projects to protect the Hunts Point Peninsula through Rebuild by Design Initiative. She also promotes the reduction of fossil fuel dependence and to reverse environmental racism surrounding interstate highways. She also believes that our government needs to invest heavily in renewable energy and fight against the fossil fuel industry to combat the greatest threat we face is climate change.

Julio Pabon
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Julio Pabon is a marketing executive and a bed & breakfast Co-Owner.

Pabon has mentioned environmental racism and the correlation between poverty and environmental pollution, which have solutions in common. He also posits as possible solutions the protection of green spaces, growing more trees, and teaching environmental issues in school curriculums. Pabon does not elaborate on his environmental stances otherwise, or discuss them on his website. We would love to hear more about his environmental plans!

Ruben Diaz, Sr.
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Ruben Diaz Sr. is a NYC Councilman, Ex-State Sen, Evangelical Minister & Army Veteran 

Diaz does not have a campaign website and has not provided any stances on the issues. In 2017 however, he was rated 74% by EPL/Environmental Advocates for his work on the New York City Council and has a score of 14 by the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Mark Escoffery-Bey
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Mark Escoffery-Bey is a copy shop owner.

Escoffery-Bey does not have a campaign website and has not provided any stances on the issues of climate change, sustainability, or green energy.

Tomas Ramos
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Tomas Ramos is a nonprofit Group Program Director.

Ramos supports the green new deal and is in favor of sustainable housing; however, he does not elaborate on his specific or unique environmental stances otherwise. We would love to hear more about his environmental plans!