New York District 13


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District 13 Representatives

Adriano Espaillat
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Adriano Espaillat has been an incumbent since 2017. His lifetime LCV Score: 99%

Espaillat understands how important it is to protect our environment from even more damage caused by climate change. This is evident considering that he hosts one of the highest LCV scores in the entire country. He supports policies and legislation that will help lower America’s emissions, such as regulations or market-based solutions. Espaillat has the commitment to environmental protection that America needs in order to fight against the climate crisis.

James Felton Keith
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James Felton Keith is a businessman.

A self-identifying Inclusionist, Keith is supportive of the green new deal as an unprecedented opportunity to both combat climate change and eliminate poverty in the United States. He believes in the need to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions while promoting equity and justice. He also advocates for the technogaian approach to ecology, which promotes the use of technology to prevent and remediate ecological damage, as well as the cautious use of geo-engineering to partially mitigate climate change. This is a hotly debated topic among environmentalists. Otherwise, he has not spoken much on environmental issues and does not seem to have an original plan when it comes to climate change. We would love to hear more specifics about his environmental plans!

Ramon Rodriguez
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Ramon Rodriguez is the founder of an etiquette and protocol service.

Rodriguez has not provided stances on any issues on green energy, sustainability, or climate change.