New York District 12


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District 12 Representatives

Carolyn Maloney
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Carolyn Maloney has been an incumbent since 2013. Her lifetime LCV Score: 96%

Maloney has an extremely impressive history of fighting climate change. She knows that we need to revamp America’s policies on emissions and energy production. As an original cosponsor of the Green New Deal, it is evident that Maloney has the drive to take bold steps in the direction of a sustainable future. She supports lowering emissions by strengthening regulations in both the energy and automotive sectors while also using economic incentives like cap and trade. For her outstanding record and her commitments to providing a sustainable future for America, Maloney has our support.

Suraj Patel
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Suraj Patel is a hotel executive, attorney and an Ex-Obama White House Aide.

Patel knows that we have to act now in order to fight climate change. As well as supporting the Green New Deal, Patel has more specific plans for policies he would support as a representative. He believes that market based approaches to climate change such as a carbon fee and dividend would increase the effectiveness of the more costly renewable energy and infrastructure research and development. He also points out that New York will be one of the hardest hit states and that it should propel them to become examples for the rest of America. Patel’s impressive planning and commitments to promoting sustainable legislation make him an excellent candidate for the position.

Lauren Ashcraft
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Lauren Ashcraft is a banking project manager and an Ex-Policy Analyst.

Ashcraft understands that we need to act immediately to stop the effects of climate change from worsening even further. She supports the Green New Deal as a bold step in the right direction for America. On top of this, she also supports cutting subsidies to factory farms and upgrading public transit in cities across America. Her focus and commitment to building a sustainable future are what makes Ashcraft a great candidate.

Peter Harrison
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Peter Harrison is a teacher and an affordable housing advisor.

Harrison emphasizes how vulnerable New York City is to the effects of climate change. He believes that the Green New Deal would be the type of movement that America needs to become more sustainable. Additionally, Harrison hopes to help build an energy system that produces net-zero emissions by 2030. We would like to see Harrison provide some more information about the steps that he will take in order to help accomplish these goals.