New York District 11


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District 11 Representatives

Max Rose
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Max Rose has been an incumbent since 2019. His lifetime LCV Score: 93%

Rose understands that climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing America. Even though he is still  a relatively new representative, he has demonstrated that he is committed to promoting sustainable legislation. Specifically, Rose is concerned about the quality of batteries to be used in conjunction with renewable sources of energy, and he is pushing for more research in the field. He also intends on fighting for the US to rejoin or join programs such as the Paris Climate Agreement to make sure America works with the rest of the world to solve this issue. Rose has the values and commitment that we need to set America in the right direction.

Nicole Malliotakis
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Nicole Malliotakis is a State Assemblywoman and an Ex-Gubernatorial Aide.

Malliotakis has worked to progress clean air and clean water legislation in New York. She also supports lowering carbon emissions and encouraging the usage of renewable energy. That being said, she hasn’t committed to any long-term plans to counteract climate change. In order for Malliotakis to earn our support, she needs to commit to more bold responses to climate change.

Joe Caldarera
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Joe Caldarera is an attorney.

Caldarera has nothing to say regarding climate change. We can’t afford to elect any more politicians who don’t see climate change as the colossal issue it is.