New York District 10


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District 10 Representatives

Jerrold Nadler
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Jerrold Nadler has been an incumbent since 1993. His lifetime LCV Score: 97%

Nadler has been consistently helping fight climate change since the year he was elected. Apart from his extremely impressive voting record, Nadler also supports the federal funding of renewable energy research and regulating greenhouse gas emissions. He is not afraid to take a stand on the issues that matter such as climate change. Nadler has lead projects such as the sustainable goods movement in New York. Because of his consistently sustainable voting record and his ability to take a stand against the problems facing our country, Nadler is the perfect candidate for the position.

Jonathan Herzog
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Jonathan Herzog is a political organizer.

Herzog realizes that we need to respond to climate change immediately or the consequences will be drastic. He plans to gradually reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by using a multi-step plan to transfer industries to renewable sources. While this is impressive, most of Herzog’s policies are taken from the campaign that Andrew Yang ran on for president in 2019-2020. We would like to see Herzog provide some more information about the changes he would make to help NY district 10 specifically as well.

Lindsey Boylan
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Lindsey Boylan is an Ex-NY Depy Economic Development Secretary & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide.

Boylan knows that we need to respond to climate change immediately in order to stop the issue from reaching a point of no return. She supports the Green New Deal as a bold step in the right direction for the United States. We would, however, like to see Boylan commit to more specific plans to fight climate change.

Michael Madrid
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Michael Madrid is a software architect & consultant.

Madrid understands that climate change is a real issue that we need to respond to, but he argues against most of the proposed solutions to the problem. He believes that the Green New Deal would be counterproductive and not cost-effective. Instead, he plans to use market based solutions, such as cutting subsidies to farms and fossil fuel energy sources. While these could be effective, we need Madrid to provide voters with a long-term plan to accompany these solutions before we can give him our support.

Cathy Bernstein
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Cathy Bernsteinis a Financial Advisor, Accountant & Jewish Community Activist.

Bernstein doesn’t even recognize climate change as a pertinent issue facing America. We need to respond to climate change now and electing a candidate who doesn’t see it as an issue is a huge step in the wrong direction. Each year we continue to allow politicians who don’t respond to climate change be our voices in government, the repercussions for doing so grow even greater.

Jeanne Nigro
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Jeanne Nigro is a minister, author & Ex-Business Consultant.

Nigro doesn’t recognize climate change as an important issue facing America. We cannot afford to continue to elect any more politicians who refuse to act on the issue of climate change. If we do not begin to shift towards a more sustainable America, the consequences will continue to get more severe.