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Rhode Island! Sorry we’re a little late on you, but your primary is September 12, 2018. We have your candidates ready, so let’s get to it.

Voting in Rhode Island

Your state has a semi-closed primary, which means that if you are, or ever have been, affiliated with a party, then you have to vote in that party’s primary. If you have not been affiliated with a party, then you can vote in whichever primary you choose.

Other seats on the ballot: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and General Treasurer.

U.S. Senate

Our pick: Sheldon Whitehouse (D) – (Campaign Site)

  • incumbent since 2006
  • Environment and Public Works, Member
  • Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety, Ranking Member
  • Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, Ranking Member
  • Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure, Member
  • Subcommittee on Fisheries, Water, and Wildlife, Member

Sheldon has kept his promises when it comes to enacting and sponsoring legislation that is pro-environment and sustainable energy. Just recently, he has cosponsored a bill to establish better use of nuclear energy, manage nuclear waste, and make nuclear energy available for every-day consumption. He has also sponsored a bill to encourage research and use of new materials to expand public transportation and water infrastructure system, another bill to protect roadless areas within the National Forest System, and a bill to promote botanical research for all sorts of different reason.

Another important bill that he cosponsored was the bill to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act, to make sure that requirements of the Act are modernized and include harmful toxins and chemicals that were unknown when the Act was originally passed. These are just the bills that he has sponsored or cosponsored since July.

Sheldon also was a part of forming the bipartisan Senate Caucus for the Oceans, which focuses on protecting the oceans and the coasts, which is a crucial element of Rhode Island’s economy. He has shown a dedication to moving America into a clean energy economy. He supports implementing a carbon pollution tax, which would tax corporations for emitting certain amounts of carbon, fueling these industries to reduce the amount of carbon they produce each year.

Sheldon has proved through his Congressional record to be an activist for the environment and we would like to see him stay in Congress.

Other Candidates:
  • Pat Fontes (D)
  • Rocky de la Fuente (R) – Rocky is running in several different states as Senator, but is currently residing in California, where he is not running.
  • Bob Flanders (R) — Bob Is our honorable mention. His environmental policy stems from empowering local communities to enact their own forms of environmental regulation. We like where he’s coming from, but his silence on green energy research and development is what makes us choose Sheldon.
  • Ray McKay (I)

U.S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

Our pick: David Cicilline (D) – (Campaign Site) –incumbent since 2010

David has done quite a bit in Congress as well for the environment and green energy technology. He has backed legislation like the Land and Water Conservation Fund, the National Ocean Policy, and the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, all of which focus on protecting our natural resources, like water and dirt, from harmful chemicals and toxins. He also supports the Climate Action Plan, and would like to see the US follow it more closely.

David is against off-shore drilling and has sponsored legislation to ban it off the coasts of Rhode Island (and the rest of the U.S.) He’s also the reason that the Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park exists. He supports tax credits for electricity produced by sustainable resources, like solar, wind, and hydropower. He also has worked towards securing funding to improve the energy infrastructure, so that energy can be properly stored and used, ultimately reducing the cost of energy for consumers while also protecting and managing our natural resources responsibly.

For a full list of David’s environment bills, check out his list of bills that he has sponsored and cosponsored.

Other Candidates:

District 2

Our pick: Jim Langevin (D) – (Campaign Site)

  • incumbent since 2000
  • Member, Sustainable Energy and Environmental Coalition
  • Member, Water Infrastructure Caucus
  • Member, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus

Jim is the founder of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, which sees a lot of the green and sustainable energy policies that enter the House. He’s also the Energy Fast Force Chair, so he has experience working through these policies and creating solutions that promote a carbon-free environment and using reliable yet sustainable energy sources. He introduced the Offshore WIND Act to the house, which would extend tax credits to get offshore wind farms more prevalent in other coastal states as well as Rhode Island. As more energy production plants closing in the Rhode Island area, he has been working to secure funding for new, renewable-energy processing plants.

As far as making sure that renewable energy sources are being used inner constructions and remodeling, Jim introduced a bill that would give funding and offer incentives for energy efficient construction and renovations. It would create jobs, reduce pollution, and bring the cost of energy down.

As an advocate for the Weatherization Assistance Program and the State Energy Program, he has made sure that these programs have been funded, bringing Rhode Islanders renewable energy programs and reducing their energy bills overall.

Offshore drilling and fracking are out of the question for Jim, and he has advocated to have these practices banned, citing the risk to the environment and the amount of pollution that fossil fuels cause. He championed the law that brought the National Park Service to the Wood-Pawcatuck River system, which has, in turn, brought funding to the area to keep it preserved and protected. He is currently working on legislation that will help Rhode Island fisheries.

For the full scoop on his environmental thoughts, go here.

Other Candidate:
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