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Hello Mississippi! It’s time to start thinking about a green future, and we’re here to help you do just that. Look over the platforms of your few eco-friendly candidates and get ready to cast your vote. To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here.

Voting in Mississippi

So, Mississippi’s laws are a little bit weird when it comes to primary voting. The law states that the voter should only vote for candidates with a political party in which the voter is affiliated with, but there’s no enforcement of these laws. Therefore, Mississippi is classified as an open polling type. This means you can vote for whichever candidate you choose on your primary date, June 5. Then, your state’s candidates require a majority to move on to the general election in November. If candidates don’t reach a majority, there will be a runoff election on June 26.

Things on the ballot this year: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Congress special election, Special state legislative, state supreme court, intermediate appellate courts, local judges, and school boards.

You should note that, in general, you have pretty weak sustainable candidates. We recommend that you look at each candidate’s entire platform (not just the good green stuff) before you vote.

U.S. Senate

Our pick: Jensen Bohren 
  • Democrat
  • Summary: Co-ops and green technology.

Jensen is a co-op supporter for utility providers! A co-op is kind of like a company alternative. It’s a business owned by members (which are usually employees, consumers, community members, etc) and works toward shared benefits for all its members. This is great for sustainability because it could encourage renewable energy sources and conservation for a communal benefit. Jensen also believes in transitioning energy sources into cleaner, renewable ones.

Other Senator Candidates:

U.S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

Our pick: Randy Wadkins 
  • Democrat
  • Professor
  • Science & Technology Congressional Fellow
  • Summary: True EPA believer

Randy remembers all the good the EPA has done. Before EPA regulations on pollution to protect water and air quality, rivers caught fire and people and the environment suffered greatly. Since then, rivers and other waterways have been restored and the air freed of many toxins and harmful pollutants. Randy worries about Mississippi when it comes to this kind of pollution. The EPA intervened for the contaminated groundwater in Grenada, screening for pollutants and seeing which areas required action. As a scientist himself, Randy worries about the recent lack of scientists working for the EPA and hopes this can be changed to benefit the environment and the people.

Other District 1 Candidates:
  • Trent Kelly (R) – Incumbent – Your current representative supported the Keystone XL pipeline and an “all of the above” energy approach, usually meaning both renewable and nonrenewable resources. He opposes federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).
  • Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill (Reform Party)

District 2

Our pick: Bennie ThompsonCampaign Site
  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 1993
  • Summary: Good green record.

Bennie is a good eco-friendly option and the record to prove it. For one, he voted against the Keystone XL pipeline. He also voted in favor of a bill “Specifies the Authority of the Secretary of Interior on the Regulation of Methane Emissions,” showing his support for keeping pollution in check and ensuring clean air and water. He also wants us to start transitioning into more clean energy jobs, knowing this can help boost our economy by bringing many permanent jobs into the country (source).

Other District 2 Candidates:

District 3

None of the candidates currently talk about sustainability issues on their website, so you should contact them and let them know that this is important to you!

If there is an update, or you would like to apply for an endorsement, please contact us using the form at the bottom of our homepage!

District 3 Candidates:

District 4

Our pick: Jeramey Anderson 

  • Democrat
  • Mississippi State House (since 2013)
  • Founder of Purple Knights of America
  • Summary: Trust the science

Jeramey is a believer of the scientists and will use their research to inform policies in Congress. He hopes to see Mississippi transformed as a clean energy producer as a way of combating climate change and increasing environmental and citizen health. When it comes to clean air and water, Jeramey recognizes how essential they are to life and believes this should be a nonpartisan issue.

Other District 4 Candidates:
  • Steven Palazzo (R) – Incumbent – Your current representative supports the RESTORE Act, which helps ecosystems recovering from oil spills in the Gulf. However, he voted in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline, does not think we should invest in clean energy, and opposes regulating greenhouse emissions (source).
  • E. Brian Rose (R) 
  • Lajena Sheets (Reform Party)
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