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“Let’s review the U.S. House of Representative candidates in Georgia. While some candidates have some really great views on the environment and sustainability, others are not so great! For more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here.

Voting in Georgia

Georgia’s primary election is on Tuesday, May 22. A candidate needs a majority of votes in order to win a primary election. If no candidate wins an outright majority of votes cast, you need to show up for a runoff election on July 24. Good news is that Georgia has an open poll type, so there are no restrictions on who you can or cannot vote for based on party affiliation.

In this election, voters can vote on U.S. House, governor, other state executives, state senate, state house, special state legislative, state Supreme Court, intermediate appellate courts, local judges, school boards, municipal government, and ballot measures. You won’t be voting for U.S. Senate in this election.

U.S. House of Representatives

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District 1

Our Pick: Lisa Ring 
  • Democrat
  • Vice Chair of the Georgia Democratic Rural Caucus
  • Chair of the Bryan County Democratic Committee
  • Summary: Supports the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (HR-3671)

While Lisa is new to politics and therefore doesn’t have a voting record to look at, she has pledged her support to the HR-3671 Act, also known as the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act. HR-3671 wants to stop oil and gas projects in the United States so that we can protect our water from fracking, pipelines, and any other energy projects that could harm the nation’s environment and water supply. The bill is looking to transition most fossil fuels over to cleaner energy alternatives by 2027. Lisa also wants to make sure that the coastline of Georgia is preserved and that the water and air are not contaminated by companies and corporations looking to destroy it. She proposes more funding for agencies regulating what can and can’t happen on the coast.

Other District 1 Candidates:
  • Barbara Seidman (D) – Barbara’s focus is clean water and that water remains drinkable for all residents.
  • Earl “Buddy” Carter (R) Incumbent- Supports the Keystone XL pipeline, funding for renewable resources, and does not support federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

District 2

Our pick: Sanford Bishop, Jr. 
  • Incumbent since 1992
  • Democrat
  • Served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1977 to 1990
  • Romley addresses the environment by encouraging others to volunteer

While Sanford does support the Keystone XL pipeline, he also supports federal funding for sources of renewable energy and federal regulation of greenhouse emissions. He does not discuss his views on environmental issues on his campaign website besides noting that he is “seeking a higher, better quality of life for all citizens by promoting…a clean environment…” There’s certainly room for Bishop to improve, but overall he’s a fair choice.

Other District 2 Candidates:

District 3

Our pick: Chuck Enderlin 
  • Democrat
  • Marine Corp Veteran
  • Pilot for Delta Airlines
  • Believes there is “no larger external threat” than the changes occurring in the environment.

Not only does Chuck recognize climate change (*round of applause*), he believes that if we don’t change how we treat the environment now, that in the future, we will be fighting over the resources that were once plentiful. He also thinks we need to adapt how we build our infrastructure to prepare for the rising seas and the changes in temperature. He believes that everyone joining together to help clean up our environment is the only way we can make a difference.

Other District 3 Candidates:
  • Rusty Oliver (D) – Wants to fight for cleaner water in West Georgia, believes climate change will have effects on our national security, wants to work to reestablish environmental regulations so the lands and water are healthy for everyone.
  • Drew Ferguson (R) – Incumbent since 2016, does not support federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, voted yes on HR-953 The Reducing Regulatory Burden Act of 2017 that says anyone who wants to use pesticides does not need to show a permit to the EPA. (Um, what?!)
  • Philip Singleton (R) 

District 4

Your current representative seems to be a real environmental advocate, but let’s take a look at his record as well as who the other candidates are.

Our pick: Hank Johnson 
  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2006
  • Member of the Safe Climate Caucus
  • Believes we should reduce our dependence on oil

Hank Johnson has a proven record fighting for the environment in Congress. He voted no on prohibiting a permit for pesticide use, no on a bill stopping the EPA from regulating emissions from coal plants, and does not support the Keystone XL Pipeline. (*high five, Hank! *).
Hank also believes in human responsibility for climate change (he is batting 1000!). He introduced the TIRE Act in 2007 that would give tax credits to companies who use a lot of vehicles that bought tires made out of recycled rubber. Hank also voted to get rid of subsidies to the oil and gas companies. He even worked with the U.S. Army Corp and the state government to set up a water-sharing program for the southeast states. He plans to continue to demand more regulation from the EPA. (Good luck, Hank!)

Other District 4 Candidates:

District 5

District 5, y’all really know what you’re doing, dontcha? Not letting any other candidate taking the incredible John Lewis from you. Good on you, District 5!

Our pick: John Lewis (*heart eyes*)

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 1986
  • Civil rights icon
  • Summary: Believes in “preserving this planet for generations to come.”

John Lewis has a long history of fighting on the right side of history and that is no different when it comes to the environment. He doesn’t support the Keystone XL Pipeline, supports funding to develop renewable energy resources, and supports regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.
John also supports strengthening the Clean Water and Clean Air Act and wants to give the EPA the resources they need. He believes fighting for the environment is a humanitarian issue and that if we don’t fight for it, it will “cost us lives, money, and the future of our planet.”

District 6

There are a number of candidates to choose from in District 6. Be sure to take a look at each of them and you can decide which one is best for you.

Our pick: Kevin Abel 
  • Democrat
  • In 1994, Kevin started a technology consulting business, Abel Solutions, with his wife, Cindy
  • Knows climate change is real (whoop! whoop!)
  • Supports the US re-entering the Paris Climate Accord that helps limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Kevin Abel believes that Congress should fully support growing a green economy to help create more jobs and help make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable, clean-energy resources. If elected, Kevin wants to take steps to try and reverse the effect of climate change if possible.

Other District 6 Candidates:
  • Steve Knight Griffin (D)
    • Lived in the 6th District for over 20 years
    • Was a Policy Coordinator at the CDC in the National Center of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities
    • Believes it is “humanity’s duty and obligation to ensure we do not destroy our one and only home.” (Good plan, Steve!)
    • Believes national parks should be fully funded and preserved
  • Bobby Kaple (D) 
    • Will stop oil drilling in continental-shelf waters
    • Invest in clean energy
    • Protect national parks
  • Lucy McBath (D) 
  • Karen Handel (R) – Incumbent

District 7

Wow, District 7! You have a lot of great candidates to choose from. It might be difficult deciding which one you want to vote for with this many options.

Our pick: Steven Reilly 

  • Democrat
  • Lived in Georgia since 1975
  • Served as the 7th Congressional District Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia
  • Strong thoughts on what the Trump Administration is doing to hurt the environment (high five, Steven!)

Reilly supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions so that the US can “reclaim its leadership on global environmental issues.” He also believes that Georgia should continue to restrict offshore drilling to help keep the coast free of pollution and oil spills. If elected he plans to fight the Trump administration and their efforts to deregulate and undermine any and all environmental protections.

Other District 7 Candidates:
  • Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) – She wants the US to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord that is trying to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050. She wants to “align our energy policy and investments to [help] meet these goals.”
  • Melissa Davis (D)
  • David Kim (D) 
    • Plans to grow the economy while being energy efficient and protecting the planet from the special interests who are looking to destroy it.
    • Create jobs through green energy
    • Build clean alternative energy resources
  • Ethan Pham (D) 
  • Kathleen Allen (D) 
    • 22+ years of working at for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations
    • Wants to work to expand clean energy and create a reliable electrical system that meets the energy needs of America.
  • Rob Woodall (R) –Incumbent
    • Supports Keystone XL pipeline
    • Does not support federal funding for renewable resources
    • Does not want any regulation of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Shane Hazel (R) 

District 8

Our pick: Danny Ellyson 
  • Republican
  • Wants to change the electrical grid to a cleaner energy resource
  • 16-year veteran of the Georgia Army National Guard

Danny doesn’t say too much about environmental topics, but in his concerns for rebuilding our infrastructure, he’s interested in doing so with clean energy, which is a good thing to consider.

Other District 8 Candidates:

District 9

Our pick: Dave Cooper 
  • Democrat
  • Soldier for over 20 years
  • Agricultural and economic impact of climate change
  • Worked on a number of environmental projects in his community

According to his campaign website, Cooper, a self-identified environmentalist, plans to “apply the principles of sustainability to all legislative review.” He defines sustainability as using “the precautionary principle, pollution prevention, innovation, and substitution to protect and restore our water, air, and soil.”

Even better, is Dave also walks the walk! He built and designed his very own passive solar home, so he is already using renewable energy sources for himself. (Then he built a second home and put lots of money into installing new energy-efficient materials, like high-performance windows located in heat-gaining areas. Furthermore, he contracted for Western Solar Utilization Network, an organization that commercializes renewable energy sources AND worked for the EPA for 20 years! If you love sustainbility, reach out to Dave and nerd out with him. He is very enthusiastic about the topic and says, “I could have done an entire campaign just about issues of sustainability.” Dave is an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Other District 9 Candidates:
  • Josh McCall (D) – Believes in having safe water (whoop, whoop!)
  • Doug Collins (R) – Supports Keystone XL pipeline, does not support greenhouse gas emission regulation, or funding for renewable energy resources, opposes the Waters of Us rule put in place by the EPA.

District 10

Our pick: Chalis Montgomery
  • Democrat
  • Worked as a music teacher
  • Believes in looking into the environmental and the economic effects of climate change

Montgomery states on her website that “we must not continue to roll back EPA protections for clean air and water and sell off our public lands to the highest bidder.” She also plans to work on maintaining a “consistent food infrastructure,” giving everyone access to fresh and healthy food near their homes. Chalis wants to give incentives for people setting up community gardens and co-ops so that people will never feel like they don’t have the food they need to survive. (Great idea!)

As a teacher, Montgomery states that she was the first to learn about the problems and struggles in the community and her ministry work helped her figure out how to solve those problems with the help of everyday people.

Other District 10 Candidates:
  • Tabitha Johnson-Green (D) 
  • Richard Dien Winfield (D) – He wants to:
    • Limit the activities that hurt our environment
    • Use public works to help stop global warming
    • Incentivize changing from non-renewable resources to green energy
  • Jody Hice (R) – Supports Keystone XL pipeline and funding renewable resources, does not support limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Bradley Griffin (R) – Believes in researching alternative energy but still using oil and supports pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords.
  • Joe Hunt (R) – Wants to get rid of regulations that “stifle” business and industry *rolls eyes*, wants to put tax incentives in place to promote businesses to create “inventive energy solutions.”
  • Patrick Moorehead (Independent)

District 11

There aren’t too many candidates for you to choose from, District 11 and none of them are really saying what their thoughts are on the environment. We mainly chose our top pick because he wasn’t saying he was trying to kill the environment.

Our pick: Flynn Broady, Jr. 
  • Democrat
  • 26 years in the Army
  • Prosecutor for the Cobb County DUI Court
Other District 11 Candidates:
  • Barry Loudermilk (R) – Incumbent- Supports Keystone XL pipeline and does not support funding for renewable resources or regulation for greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Bar-Kim Green (Independent)
District 12
Our pick: Trent Nesmith 
  • Democrat
  • Protect our natural resources for future generations to come

According to his website, Nesmith plans to “put clean water, air, energy, coasts and land use at the forefront of consideration of legislative priorities and stand in opposition to environmentally harmful and abusive efforts that plunder our natural resources merely to exploit fossil fuels and profits thereof.” (You go, Trent!)

Other District 12 Candidates:

District 13

Our pick: David Scott 
  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2003
  • Proven voting record

David Scott supports regulation on greenhouse gas emissions and funding for renewable energy resources. He isn’t for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Other District 13 Candidates:

District 14

Our pick: Steven Foster 
  • Democrat
  • Former military physician
  • Owned MedNow, an urgent care center, for 28 years

Steven Foster believes that the preservation and protection should be the guidelines we use when thinking about regulations for the environment. He pledges to fight for environmental protections and preserving the open natural spaces in Georgia.

Other District 14 Candidates:
  • Tom Graves (R) – Incumbent- supports the Keystone XL pipeline and does not support funding for renewable resources and regulations for greenhouse gas emissions.
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