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Hello, people of The Copper State! Or do you prefer The Grand Canyon State? Whichever it is, Arizona, you have an election coming up! Let us guide you through who the candidates in your district are and how they do when it comes to protecting the environment. To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here.

Voting in Arizona

Your primary election is on August 28, 2018, and you have what’s called a semi-closed or hybrid primary. If you are not formally affiliated with any party, you can choose which primary you want to participate in. But you can only pick one primary. If you are affiliated with a party (most likely Democrat or Republican), then you must vote in that party’s primary.

Things on the ballot this year: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Congress special election, Governor, other state executives, State Senate, State House, State Supreme Court, Intermediate appellate courts, local judges, school boards, municipal government, recalls, ballot measures, and local ballot measures.

U.S. Senate

Our pick: Deedra Abboud 

  • Democrat
  • Managing Attorney
  • Loose Ends Legal Solutions
  • Professional Limited Liability Company, 2013-2017

Deedra Abboud believes that Americans shouldn’t have to wonder if their food is safe or if their water is poisoned. The pollution and destruction of different ecosystems affect everybody and Abboud wants to make sure private corporations and enterprises aren’t allowed to regulate itself, but is instead regulated by the government for the betterment of the people. On her website, Abboud states, “We must do more to ensure a healthy future home for our children.” She believes that protecting the government is more important now than it’s ever been, especially with the effects of climate change becoming more and more visible.

Other Senate Candidates:
  • Kyrsten Sinema (D) – The good: Doesn’t support the Keystone XL pipeline, supports government funding for the development of renewable energy and the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, and voted against exempting some power plants who convert coal refuse into energy from certain EPA standards. The Bad: Voted not to have a carbon tax, voted to kill sea lions to help the salmon population, voted to resume building the nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain (source).
  • Joe Arpaio (R) 
  • Martha McSally (R) – The Good: Supports funding for renewable energy. The Bad: Supports Keystone XL pipeline, opposes a carbon tax and regulating greenhouse gas emissions, voted to resume building the nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain, and voted to exempt certain power plants from EPA standards (source).
  •  Kelli Ward (R) – Supports Keystone XL pipeline, opposes renewable energy funding and greenhouse gas regulations (source).

U.S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

Your candidates aren’t perfect, District 1, but we have an option better than the rest. While we recognize him as the best candidate, we will not be officially endorsing him.

Tom O’Halleran 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent
  • Bill he wrote passed in the house to clean up abandoned Uranium mines in tribal and rural areas across the Southwest.

Tom O’Halleran has a history of voting to help the environment with his bill to clean up the Uranium mines and his vote to not exempt power plants that convert coal refuse into energy from EPA regulations. He also voted to make sure the Federal Columbia River Power System must be managed in a way “that is consistent with the Endangered Species Act.” But while he has voted to improve the environment, his track record isn’t always consistent. He also voted yes to not have a carbon tax because it would be “bad for American families,” and he voted yes to pass a bill that would authorize the hunting of a limited number of sea lions to help the salmon population. So while he’s not perfect, he is better than the other options in District 1.

Other District 1 Candidates:
  • Wendy Rogers (R) – Approves of the Keystone XL pipeline, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, offshore drilling, and more oil refineries. Wendy opposes regulating the energy sector. She does, however, support funding renewable energy (source).
  • Tiffany Shedd (R) 
  • Steve Smith (R) – Supports state funding for alternative energy and fossil fuels. Steve also supports the preservation of open spaces but opposes environmental regulations.
  • Ray Parrish (Libertarian)

District 2

District 2! You have so many candidates to choose from, it really is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Check out which candidates are looking out to help Mother Earth.

Our pick: Matt Heinz 

  • Democrat
  • Doctor
  • Representative in the Arizona State House 2008 -2013

Not only does Matt Heinz recognize climate change *slow clap*, but he also believes in improving the alternative energy technologies that are already out there and updating the energy grid to the 21st century. Heinz also believes that we need to give power to the states to figure out how best to reduce emissions and to develop green energy option that works best for each state.

He thinks Arizona could be the leader in solar power and alternative energy production but corrupt politicians and a corrupt system that yields to corporate interests have been standing in the way. When he was a part of the Arizona legislature, he worked to improve the production of green energy and protect the environment. Additionally, he supports government funding for the development of renewable energy.

Other District 2 Candidates:
  • Ann Kirkpatrick (D) – Supports protections for natural landmarks and forests of Arizona (like the Grand Canyon) and wants to develop alternative energy (source).
  • Bill Kovacs (D) – Wants a fully fund the Environmental Protection Agency, federally funded infrastructure projects to take global warming into account, and more subsidies and tax breaks for the renewable energy sector.Mary Matiella (D) – Supports the Southern Arizona Public Lands Act and opposes the Rosemont Copper Mine which could hurt the mountains and the water supply.
  • Barbara Sherry (D) 
  • Bruce Wheeler (D) – Supports state funding for the development of alternative energy and doesn’t support state funding for energy sources like coal, natural gas, and oil. Bruce also supports state funding for open space preservation and enacting regulations that reduce the effects of climate change.
  • Yahya Yuksel (D) – Wants to make Arizona a solar state and wants the policies of Arizona to lead the way to transition to clean industries that will help protect the environment, and cheap transportation and power. Yahya also supports carbon fees and dividends policies.
  • Lea Marquez Peterson (R) 
  • Brandon Martin (R)
  • Danny Morales (R) 
  • Casey Welch(R) 
  • Joshua Reilly (Green Party)

District 3

District 3!! You have possibly one of the best candidates when it comes to protecting the environment. Make sure to check out all the candidates to see how they align with your views.

Our pick: Raul Grijalva – (Campaign Site)

  • Incumbent
  • Democrat
  • Does not support the Keystone XL pipeline
  • Support government funding for the development of renewable energy and the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only is Raul Grijalva the top Democrat on the House Natural Resource committee, he also has a long record of fighting for a better environment. He believes that the environment and the economy do not have to be enemies, we can work to have a better environment and a thriving economy. He states on his website, “Hiking, hunting, fishing, cycling, and camping are the foundation of businesses across the West and the entire nation. Outdoor recreation contributes about $730 billion to the economy each year. The great outdoors is one of America’s most important treasures, both environmentally and economically. Spoiling it is not an option.” Raul Grijalva also believes in stronger protections for natural landmarks and places, especially from places that the mining industry wishes to destroy. He introduced the Save Oak Flat Act to block the Resolution Copper Mine from taking over Native American land.

He is also fighting for the Grand Canyon. He wishes to create the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument which would protect more than 1 million acres of land north and south of the Grand Canyon. The land is currently being threatened by those looking to mine Uranium. Grijalva has advocated for full funding of the National Park Service for most of his career in Congress and has won awards because of that.

Raul also wants to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, save wilderness areas and endangered species from pollution as well as increase funding for wildfire suppression. He also wants to update the General Mining Law of 1872 so that taxpayers are compensated for public land and that miners do not undermine the environment and the protections put on it.

Other District 3 Candidates:

District 4

Wow, District 4! You have a couple pretty great candidates when it comes to sustainability and protecting the environment. Make sure you get out and vote on August 28th!

Our pick: David Brill 

  • Democrat
  • Head of Primary Care, Northern Arizona Veterans Administration

David Brill believes that renewable energy is where the future lies and that Arizona has “the highest quality solar potential of any state.” He thinks that we must provide more incentive for business to help make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy easier and give people more options for how to participate in clean energy.

David Brill also believes that we must restore and support the teaching of science in schools and properly fund the EPA and hire actual scientists to run it and publish their research findings.

To help fight climate change, Brill proposes more funding to fight fires, floods, and droughts, to fully embrace science and what it tells us we need to do to help prevent the dire effects of climate change, and to ultimately reduce industrial carbon pollution.

Other District 4 Candidates:

District 5

Our pick: Jose Torres 

  • Democrat
  • Chief of Staff, Intel Corporation, 2011-present

Jose Torres believes first and foremost that America should be the leader in renewable energy technology so that we can become independent from foreign oil and create quality green energy jobs. He also believes that we need to make sure that workers in these new sectors need to have help to make a smooth transition so that the amount of economic dislocation is minimal.

Torres also believes in supporting renewable energy that provides local jobs and not ones overseas. He also plans to support the development of Arizona companies in the renewable industry to promote those local jobs and opportunities. So, not only does Jose Torres recognize the problem, he has solutions to how to make the transition from traditional energy to renewable much easier.

Other District 5 Candidates:

Joan Greene (D) – Has a plan called Planet Protection. According to her website, it will provide new technologies, jobs, better health, better food, innovation, and clean water and air.

Andy Biggs (R) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Opposes regulation of greenhouse gas submissions and a carbon tax. Andy also voted to resume building the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility.

District 6

Wow, District 6, you have a couple great candidates! It looks like you’ll have to decide which one suits you and your values the best.

Our pick: Garrick McFadden 

  • Democrat
  • “We must must convince people to care by making stories of the environment personal and actionable.”

Garrick believes that when talking about the environment, we must talk about environmental justice as well. On his website, he tells the story of south Phoenix, a community that is enveloped in smoke and pollution, and where people have the highest rate of asthma in the state. He wants all the buses that park in south Phoenix to become electric instead of diesel-powered. Furthermore, he would resist any attempt to try and disenfranchise lower-income communities by putting coal plants, pipelines, or oil refineries in those areas. McFadden believes that we must hold companies and corporations accountable for the harm they do to the country

McFadden also supports any policy that would help grow clean, renewable energy and get rid of the use of fossil fuels. He would also work to stop any rollbacks of environmental protections, such as drilling in the Arctic and car and truck fuel efficiency standards.

Other District 5 Candidates:
  • Anita Malik (D) – Wants to increase investments in renewable energy and opposes fracking. Anita would defend marginalized communities who often are the most hurt by the destruction of the environment.
  • Heather Ross (D) – Supports policies that would help grow solar energy for houses and businesses
  • David Schweikert (R) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Has an all of the above energy approach with fossil fuels and renewables, supports Keystone XL pipeline and opposes the federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).

District 7

District 7, you have only two choices and it’s almost a tie for what they say they’ll do to help the environment. Just make sure you research them for other topics to check if they are in line with what you want there as well.


Ruben Gallego (D) – (Campaign Site) – incumbent – Ruben supports government funding for developing renewable energy and regulating greenhouse gas emissions. He opposed the Keystone XL pipeline, building the nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain. However, he did not support a carbon tax (source).

Catherine Miranda (D) – Catherine supports state funding for the development of alternative energy and not for fossil fuel sources. She wants to use state funds to make improvements to your state’s energy infrastructure and preserving open spaces. She also wants to safeguard regulations to reduce the effects of climate change and ensure clean water (source).

District 8

Our pick: Bob Musselwhite 

  • Democrat
  • Teacher and City Councilman

Bob Musselwhite believes focusing on the environment is more important now than it’s ever been. He also believes that science must be applied to deal with the effects of climate change and to prevent any more issues.

Water is a critical issue in District 8 for farmers and municipalities. The water in the West Valley is pumped from the ground, so climate change could absolutely threaten the water supply. Musselwhite wants to prevent any damage that could come to the water. He also believes in preserving and supporting the National Forests and Wilderness because these areas are so sparse, we need to keep the beauty of nature for generations to come.

Other District 8 Candidates:
  • Bob Olsen (D) – Believes in transferring to 100% clean, sustainable, and renewable energy.
  • Hiral Tipimeni (D) 
  • Debbie Lesko (R) – incumbent – voted against a carbon tax and voted in support of a nuclear waste facility on Yucca Mountain.
  • Sandra Dowling (R)
  • Augie Beyer (Independent)

District 9

Our pick: Greg Stanton 

  • Democrat
  • Former mayor of Phoenix

Greg Stanton firmly believes that the US needs to re-agree to the Paris Agreement and not just for the climate change policies it provides, but because it’s bad policy to pull out of a commitment the US originally agree to. He believes that the US needs to to do its part to fighting climate change and to make sure the Earth’s temperature levels don’t keep increasing and cause more damage to people across the globe.

Greg Stanton also believes that cities need to be better supported to deal with climate change. He also has worked and says he will continue to work to support and improve relations with Mexico (source).

Other District 9 Candidates:
  • Talia Fuentes (D) – Believes green technology will help us protect the environment and create more quality jobs.
  • Irina Baroness Von Behr (R) 
  • Steve Ferrara (R) 
  • David Giles (R) – Believes we need to start producing more traditional energy resources here (oil, fossil fuels, coal) because “renewable energy cannot keep up with the growth of America.” He also supports the Keystone XL pipeline and supports government funding for the development of renewable energy.
  • Kiko Rex (Independent)
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