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Alrighty, Alabama! Let’s take a look at the sustainable candidates you have running for Congress this election year! To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here.

Voting in Alabama

In your state, parties are allowed to decide the poll type. Usually, the Democratic party is closed and the Republican party is open. So, if you want to vote for a Republican on the ballot, great! You have no restrictions to worry about. If you want to vote for a Democrat, you have to be registered with the democratic party in order to do so. Your primary election is on June 5th, and your candidates need a majority to win. If there isn’t a majority, there will be a runoff election on July 17th.

Things on the ballot this year: U.S. House, Congress special election, governor, other state executives, State Senate, State House, special state legislative, State Supreme Court, intermediate appellate courts, local judges, school boards, municipal government, and ballot measures. No U.S. Senate this time!

U. S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

Our pick: Lizzetta Hill McConnell 
  • Democrat
  • Worked with NAACP (Alabama)
  • Summary: Clean! Air! Clean! Water!

Lizzetta recognizes the importance of our Clean Air and Clean Water Acts and understands how important it is to have regulations in place so pollution is under control. Without regulations, contamination happens, and it will continue to do so. She believes that the EPA and other enforcements need to, well, enforce. More than regulating, Lizzetta wants to push for renewable energy production, namely solar, and hopes to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

Other District 1 Candidates:
  • Robert Kennedy Jr. (D) – Understands the importance clean air and clean water has for health and Alabama’s economy. (Lots of Alabama industries need this, like: agriculture, tourism, fishing, coastal activities, etc.)
  • Bradley Byrne (R) – Incumbent – Your current rep voted in favor of Keystone XL pipeline. Plus, he opposes funding renewable energy developments and regulating greenhouse gas emissions (source).


District 2

Our pick: Audri Scott Williams 
  • Democrat
  • Former U.S. Army Reservist
  • Global Trustee for United Religions Initiative
  • Summary: Good stance.

Audri knows that addressing climate change is vital for the agricultural community in Alabama, and the people’s well-being. With the rise of floods and hazardous storms, she is committed to making changes to help address these issues. Audri supports a push for clean energy and protecting clean water.

Other District 2 Candidates:

District 3

Your candidates don’t discuss sustainability very much, District 3. Hopefully we can update this page as the race continues with more information.

  • Mallory Hagan (D) – In an article here, Mallory promises to be our voice for “environmental sustainability” but her campaign site does not discuss it further.
  • Adia McClellan Winfrey (D) – Wants to expand Alabama’s agricultural industry.
  • Mike Rogers (R) – Incumbent – You current representative voted for the Keystone XL pipeline. He does, however, support investing in renewable energy developments. Mike opposes regulating greenhouse gas emissions, specifically against a cap and trade bill (source).

District 4

Unfortunately, District 4, your candidates don’t seem to discuss environmental issues very much. We’ve provided some info about your incumbent instead.

  • Lee Auman (D) 
  • Rick Neighbors (D) 
  • Robert Aderholt (R)Campaign site – Incumbent – Your current representative voted in approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. He claims to be open to pursuing renewable energy options but opposes incentivizing the switch to green energy sources, specifically a tax break for wind energy. He also opposes a cap and trade bill to reduce carbon emissions (source).

District 5

Our pick: Peter Joffrion
  • Democrat
  • City Attorney (City of Huntsville)
  • Summary: Green Alabama, green country, green planet.

Peter is adamant about accepting climate change as a man-made and dangerous reality. To him, preventing it is the most important issue when it comes to our future health. To protect people from floods, unstable weather, food shortages, etc, Peter is ready to trust the scientists and push for renewable energy sources (right in Alabama!) and reducing our country’s carbon emissions. He wants to reinstate America’s place in the Paris Climate Agreement and strengthen our international leadership in fighting climate change. Peter also vows to stop EPA funding cuts and make sure science helps make policy decisions.

District 6

Our pick: Danner Kline

  • Democrat
  • Telecommunications Manager
  • Summary: Fund EPA.

Danner wants to keep funding and protecting the EPA so they can, in turn, protect our water and air by regulating pollutants. He believes that coal mining cannot be used as an excuse to oppose environmental acts or support EPA budget cuts.

Other District 6 Candidates:

  • Gary Palmer (R)Campaign Site – Incumbent – Your current representative seems to think the EPA is overstepping and overegulating (especially when it comes to coal mining). He voted for Keystone XL and does not support funding renewable energy or regulating greenhouse gas emissions (source).

District 7

Only one candidate running so far, District 7. We’ll let you know how she’s doing.

Terri Sewell (D)Campaign Site – Incumbent – Terri voted in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline. She seems to support an “all of the above” approach to independence energy solution, supporting domestic oil production and investments in renewable energy sources (source).

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