A sketch of the state, New York.

To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here. To access our article on the New York primaries, click here.

U.S. Senate

Our primary pick: Kirsten Gillibrand – Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2009
  • Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
  • District 20 U.S. House of Representatives (2006-2009)

Sources from Vote Smart show Kirsten’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. In 2010, she spoke several times in defense of the Clean Air Act and in support of putting the country on the path to decreasing how much carbon we pump into the atmosphere (source). On her website, Kristen discusses her dedication to preserving our natural resources and keeping air and water clean and free of chemicals and carbon in order to combat climate change.

Chele Farley (R) – Rank: Unknown 

We could not find information regarding Chele’s sustainable platform.

U.S. House of Representatives

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