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New Mexico it’s time to keep up your reputation as the Land of Enchantment by voting for congress members that support environmental policies! To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project, read our full intro here.

Voting in New Mexico

Your state has a closed poll type, which means you need to be registered with a political party in order to vote. Additionally, you can only vote for a candidate in the same party that you’re registered with. To move on to the general election this November, a candidate only needs the most votes to win, not more than 50% of the votes.

Things on the ballot this year: U.S. Senate, U.S. House, governor, other state executive, state house, state supreme court, intermediate appellate courts, local judges, municipal government, and ballot measures.

U.S. Senate

Remember, you only elect one senator.

Our pick: Martin Heinrich – (Campaign Sites)
  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2012
  • U.S. House of Representatives (2008-2012)
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Subcommittee on Energy
  • Subcommittee on National Parks
  • Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests, and Mining
  • Summary: Public land access and local renewable energy

Martin has done a thing or two in his time serving in Congress. Let’s review. Firstly, he very much values public access to land in New Mexico, and has worked to secure this public access, including access expansion to the Valles Caldera National Preserve and the Sabinoso Wilderness. When it comes to energy, Martin is committed to a renewably-fueled future. He sees New Mexico’s solar energy potential, and has worked to expand this by working on a deal to increase renewable energy tax credits and incentivize clean energy production. Knowing New Mexico has a lot to offer, Martin sees how your state can become a national leader in solar energy production and provide energy to a good portion of the country in effort to combat climate change. Martin has also secured clean energy bonds for Albuquerque, as well as develop renewable energy toolkits for small businesses, small governments, schools, and tribes in order to encourage green energy and its accessibility.

Other Senator Candidates:

Mick Rich (R) – Supports clean energy.

Aubrey Dunn (Libertarian) 

U.S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

This was a tough one because you have so many great candidates, District 1! We had to split the pick. And be sure to look at the honorable mention!

Our picks:
Debra Haaland 
  • Democrat
  • Former Democratic Party state chair of New Mexico
  • New Mexico Native American Vote Director for Organizing for America NM
  • Summary: Personal practice of sustainability and many key issues listed

Deb understands what a complex issue climate change is, and how many changes we need to make in order to fight it. She starts by pledging to actively oppose any new proposals for fossil fuel infrastructure and only promote renewable energy. As a passionate citizen, she attended protests at standing rock and continues to oppose pipelines like these for their threats to clean air, water, and land.

To protect our environment, Deb also wants to reduce carbon emissions with regulations brought on by a fully-funded EPA. She fully supports the Methane and Waste Prevention Rule, which works to minimize waste and decrease harmful emissions produced by natural gas producers. She also wants to make natural gas producers only use updated technology that produces the least amount of emissions. A significant increase of renewable energy will also help reduce emissions. Through the use of incentives, Deb believes New Mexico could become a national leader in renewable energy production. And with the use of training programs, employees of the fossil fuel industry could also make a transition to green energy jobs.

Additionally, Deb is anti-fracking and knows the threat fracking poses to clean water is far too great a risk to continue. She also opposes drilling, on or offshore, in much the same way. Spills, leaks, and other malfunctions risk clean resources and balanced ecosystems. Deb also plans to keep ecosystems intact by disrupting the wildlife trafficking industry and implementing adequate protections for endangered species by maintaining their natural habitats.

When it comes to farm, Deb knows how harmful factory farming is for the environment. This is why she’s pushing for sustainable farming practices to minimize contamination in water and air. To encourage more green farming practices, Deb wants to create more transition opportunities by incentivizing states and taxpayers to do so, and make USDA grants more available to small farms and ranches.

Lastly, Deb realizes how much environmental issues are social issues, and the way environmental concerns disproportionality affect low-income communities and people of color. Dirty energy plants exist in places with little political power and less income, making it easier for pollution to affect these communities, along with communities like Flint, Michigan, that are denied clean water for years. Deb also understands how deeply intertwined indigenous rights and sustainability are, for how often tribes fight the fossil fuel industry from invading their land.

Deb has fought for and respected the environment all her life, consistently working to reduce her own carbon footprint, and encouraging others to take a stand for sustainability, which she will continue to do in Congress.

Patrick Davis 
  • Democrat
  • Former police officer
  • City Councilor
  • Summary: Helped Albuquerque get solar powered

Patrick promises to make fighting climate change his top priority in Congress. As a councilor, he’s already proved his dedication. He led a $51 million plan to help Albuquerque become a more solar-powered city (which employed hundreds of local workers). With this project (the largest solar project in New Mexico!), Patrick already sees New Mexico’s potential in solar energy and how your state can help the rest of the country by exporting it. More than this, Patrick helped pass the city’s first renewable standard to get Albuquerque running on 25% renewable energy by 2025. While this may seem like a small percentage, it will significantly decrease emissions normally emitted from fossil fuel energy consumption. He wants to carry this kind of investment in renewable energy in Congress.

What else does he want to do in Congress? For one, he’s looking to reinstate vehicle emissions standards to promote clean energy for cars, and also update PACE laws, which would allow homeowners to include solar costs in their annual home mortgage. He’s also looking to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, stop fracking and drilling near Chaco Canyon, and stop wildlife trafficking.

Other District 1 Candidates:
  • Damian Lara (D) – Honorable mention! Damian secured funds for abandoned mine cleanup projects in New Mexico and recognizes the need for environmental justice in low-income communities and communities of color. Damian also wants to ban fracking and other fossil fuel exploration, and supports carbon reduction policies and a strong EPA.
  • Damon Martinez (D) – Also recognizes the need for environmental justice among underprivileged communities, encourages renewable energy investments with tax credits, and wants to strengthen the EPA.
  • Paul Moya (D) 
  • Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D) – Opposes fossil fuel exploration (fracking, pipelines, drilling), pledges to help the transition to 100% renewable energy by 2035, supports emission reduction policies.
  • Janice Arnold-Jones (R) – Opposes renewable energy investments and greenhouse gas reduction (source).
  • Lloyd Princeton (Libertarian) – Opposes renewable energy investments but supports reducing greenhouse gas emissions (source).

District 2

  • Our pick: Madeleine Hildebrandt 
  • Democrat
  • Former Coast Guard
  • History Instructor at Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Summary: Water for New Mexico

Mads is very concerned about the water situation in New Mexico. Having enough water for residents, ranches and farms is a struggle already, just wait until climate change steps in with more droughts. So, Mads wants to secure water rights for New Mexico and work with the surrounding states in the southwest to help create solutions. Additionally, she is also pro-renewable energy and anti-fracking.

Other District 2 Candidates:

Xochitl Torres Small (D)

Gavin Clarkson (R) – Opposes the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).

Clayburn Griffin (R) – Wants to preserve public lands and keep this accessible to the public.

Yvette Herrell (R)

Monty Newman (R) – Anti vote! Wants to achieve energy independence by “cutting through regulatory red tape.” We know what that means! Dirty energy!

District 3

Our pick: Ben Ray Lujan – (Campaign Site)
  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2009
  • Committee on Energy and Commerce
  • Cleanup Caucus Co-Chair
  • Summary: Great green Congress history

During his time in Congress, Ben has already been working on the green side. How so? Well let’s review. First, he helped introduce the American Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act, which requires energy companies to have at least 30% of their energy produced from renewable sources by 2030. It also promotes energy efficiency. Since New Mexico is already leading with solar energy, Ben wants to keep that up and continue to take your state away from fossil fuels. He also supports the 50×30 Resolutions, which would move the country toward 50% sustainable energy by 2030. Ben is looking to the future, which is why he’s supported these bills and introduced the Community College Energy Training Act. The act provides grants to community colleges that have green energy training programs to prepare students for clean energy jobs.

Ben also wants to make sure your lands stay protected and preserved. This is the Land of Enchantment, after all! He wants to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund to secure money from oil sales to fund initiatives that preserve federal lands and create parks. Additionally, Ben has concerns about harmful spills, like the Gold King Mine spill. He worked with the EPA Administrator to get these concerns dealt with and made sure to hold them accountable. Ben is ready to be proactive about making sure these things don’t happen again and wants to get mines and sites cleaned up.

Other District 3 Candidates:
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