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Hello all in the Cornhusker State! Keep your corn growing strong and vote for eco-friendly congress candidates in Nebraska. For more information about Sustainable Politician Project, click here.

Voting In Nebraska

Your primary election is on May 15. Nebraska has a pretty odd voting system, and it depends on which thing you’re voting for. All this is because Nebraska has a nonpartisan state legislation, which is pretty cool. However, the rest of the country is down with division, so voting for federal congress members is still a partisan thing. For this, Nebraska adopts an open poll type, which means you can vote for whoever you want. Candidates move forward to the general election with a plurality vote, meaning they don’t need a majority, just the most votes.

Things on the ticket this year are U.S. Senate and House of Representatives (covered in this article), Governor, other state executives, state senate, state supreme court, local judges, school boards, and municipal government. Lots of things on the menu this year!

U.S. Senate

Our pick: Jack Heidel 
  • Republican
  • Achievement Subcouncil 3 representative on the Learning Community Coordinating Council in Douglas County (since 2010)
  • Pro-carbon tax

Jack acknowledges how fossil fuels impact global warming and heighten its effects. He’s all about making sustainable changes for Nebraska and our country. Part of this includes pushing for clean energy–namely solar and wind. Making this switch will be hard, but Jack might have the answer: carbon tax.  Such a thing would impose a tax on burning fossil fuels, which would incentivize companies to begin using cleaner energy. Sounds like a pretty promising idea to us.

Other Senator Candidates:
  • Jane Raybould [D] – She is big on protecting Nebraska’s agriculture and vows to give a voice to farming communities and stand up for trading/exporting.
  • Deb Fischer [R] – Incumbent – Fischer supports the Keystone XL pipeline, does not support federal funding for the development of renewable energy or regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).
  • Dennis Macek [R]  – Honorable mention to this good fellow! This candidate believes American should lead in the prevention of climate change and fears Earth may become “unsustainable.” (We have those fears too.)
  • Jeffrey Lynn Stein [R]
  • Todd Watson [R]  – This guy supports Keystone XL pipeline, is against federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).
  • Mark Elworth Jr. [Libertarian]
  • Jim Schultz [Libertarian]
  • Chris Janicek [D]
  • Larry Marvin [D]
  • Frank Svoboda [D]

U.S House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

Our pick: Jessica McClure 
  • Democrat
  • Has worked with EPA, FDA, USDA, and Customs Compliance
  • Protecting the environment protects Nebraska’s economy

Jessica has a strong stance when it comes to the environment. On her website, she discusses human-caused climate change and the negative consequences this could have on Nebraska’s agricultural industry (including reduced soil moisture, temperature increase, etc). If all this goes south, your farms go south. And if your farms go south, so does your economy. She plans to combat these issues by reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Jessica wants to cut back on fossil fuel subsidies because taxes going to this dirty place is no good.

Legislation-wise, she supports Obama’s Climate Action Plan and promises to promote similar plans to reduce America’s carbon pollution. She fears for the future of the Clean Power Plan,  (standards part of the Clean Air Act that set state-by-state regulations on carbon pollution) (We are also worried about this!) As someone who has formerly worked with the EPA, she is disheartened by their current environmental efforts–or lack thereof.

Other District 1 Candidates:
  • Dennis Crawford [D] – Honorable mention to Dennis!  He is another great option for district 1 because:
    • Crawford has high hopes for harvesting Nebraska’s wind energy source and believes pursuing wind energy can help generate jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • His blog about acting on climate change shows his support for many environmental plans, namely the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Agreement.
    • He also strongly opposes the Keystone XL pipeline (source).
  • Jeff Fortenberry [R] – Incumbent – Jeff has proven his support for funding the development of renewable energy, but sadly, also supports the Keystone XL pipeline. He also is against federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).

District 2

Our pick: Kara Eastman 

We like Kara for a few reasons. One, she’s not happy about the country’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. (Remember, the Paris Agreement unites the entire world–apart from The United States–in attempt to combat some effects of climate change.) Kara wants to cut back on fossil fuels by increasing investments in renewable energy, like wind and solar. She mentions California as a national leader in goal-setting for renewable energy and gives them kudos for their cap-and-trade program. Cali’s program here is the fourth largest in the entire world for reducing greenhouse emissions. Hey, go big or go home people.

Other District 2 Candidates:
  • Don Bacon [R] Incumbent – Your current representative supports Keystone XL pipeline and is against federal regulation of greenhouse gas emissions (source).
  • Brad Ashford [D] – This fellow here is against Keystone XL and meeting with climate advocates, natives, and farmers. He also supports funding renewable energy sources (source). This makes Ashford another good option for District 2.

District 3

Our Pick: Paul Theobald [D]

  • Democrat
  • Educator, author, farmer
  • No Keystone pipeline

Paul is very anti-Keystone XL pipeline. He believes that supporters give support because their wallets are tied to its success. However, he does not see this worth the health and environmental risks that come with many pipeline spill worries. He vows to stand up for farmers, ranchers, and other Nebraskans whose opposition to the pipeline has gone unheard.

Other District 3 Candidates:
  • Adrian Smith [R] – Incumbent – Your current dude in power is anti-government involvement when it comes to the environment and energy. This could mean no cap-and-trade programs, no federal investments in renewable energy, and no federal regulations for greenhouse gas emissions (source).
  • Larry Bolinger [R]
  • Arron Kowalski [R] – He supports clean air and rural farming communities in Nebraska.
  • Kirk Penner [R]
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