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Hello, Missouri! Primary voting is right around the corner, so buckle up and learn about all the eco-friendly congressional candidates on the ticket this year.

Voting in Missouri

Missouri, your primary is August 7. You have an open election, so don’t feel pressured into becoming affiliated with a party, you can vote in whichever party’s primary you would like. A candidate wins by receiving the MOST votes, not a majority.

Here’s what offices are on the ballot this year: Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, One (1) Senator, Representatives.

U.S. Senate

So… for the Senate, there are two candidates that we would suggest taking a closer look at for other issues (Angelica Earl and Craig O’Dear) but we aren’t endorsing anyone at this time.

Angelica Earl (D) – Angelica’s main point on sustainable energy is to incentivize businesses to use renewable energy and move away from coal, oil, and lead, which are all harmful to the environment and to people everywhere. She’s concerned with the pipelines and the lack of regulations on them, as the Dakota Access Pipeline is a huge hazard to the St. Louis freshwater reserve. She wants to see solar and wind energy become as cheap and as available as coal and oil energy sources.

Craig O’Dear (Independent) – Craig knows that environmental protection does not exclude economic prosperity and is a friend of business, not an enemy. He sees environmental protection and green energy as an opportunity for America to grow economically and increase our national security. He would like a government that is focused on protecting citizens, and in his plan, protecting citizens goes hand-in-hand with protecting the environment and boosting the economy.

Other Senator Candidates:

U.S. House of Representatives

Find your district here.

District 1

Our pick: Lacy Clay – (Campaign Site)

  • Democrat
  • incumbent since 2000

Clay supports creating a competitive economic environment for the green energy sector to build a strong presence in energy production. He would like to see alternative forms of energy take a more prominent role in US energy consumption, which would mean greater national security and economic liberty.

Clay particularly supports blending environmental issues with education. He would like to see more young people engaged in STEM studies that will further sustainable research and energy practices. He also supported the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which capped greenhouse gas emissions.

Clay doesn’t have too many public statements about green energy, but his voting record indicates that he supports sustainability and would like to see America move towards a future rooted in green energy.

Other District 1 Candidates:

District 2

Our pick: John Messmer

  • Democrat
  • College Professor

John’s big point is that climate change and sustainable energy are a national security issue, and it must be addressed ASAP (We couldn’t agree more John!). He wants the EPA administration to be cleaned out and replaced with people who actually care about protecting the environment and keeping our lands safe from pollutants and toxins that come from big corporations and unregulated industry runoff. In true Theodore Roosevelt fashion, he wants to some “New Deal” type programs going on that encourage environmental responsibility and brings more jobs and research opportunities to in the green energy fields to America.

As far as West Lake goes, he plans on securing federal funds in Congress to clean out all of the radioactive materials in the lake. He knows that affected areas deserve immediate attention and that the crisis happening there is no joke. Messmer is committed to cleaning out that lake and making sure the area is livable again.

Other District 2 Candidates:

District 3

District 3, none of your candidates have established green energy platforms, so this one is up to you on which issue is a deal breaker (or maker).

Your candidates:

District 4

4, you also do not have candidates with strong sustainable energy platforms. Please vote according to a different important issue.

Here are your candidates:

District 5

Our pick: Emanuel Cleaver – (Campaign Site)

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2004

Emanuel has the environment and sustainable energy as one of his key platform issues. He is one of the 89 members of the House of Representatives to have signed a letter asking that the Clean Air Act be protected instead of eliminated. He cosponsored the Green Infrastructure for Green Water Act, which outlines the ways that green energy and sustainable water practices could improve our crumbling water infrastructure while not harming the environment further (and boost the economy). It would provide grants, technical assistance, and training so that all communities can improve their water infrastructure and incorporate green resources into their community.

Cleaver also supports–and has fought against the elimination of–many small funds that help rural communities use sustainable water energy practices, and has pushed the EPA to release information and funds to rural communities so that they can also operate and maintain their water resources without harming the environment. He’s done some cool things as far as water is concerned.

He has personally supported and fought to maintain partnerships between Kansas City and several federal government organizations that improve public transit, sustainable housing, and federal environmental regulations that improve the quality of life for the people of Missouri everywhere.

Other District 6 Candidates:

District 6

6, you have two potential candidates. Winston Apple and Henry Martin both have some tidbits to share about climate change and renewable energy, but we aren’t endorsing either of them.

Winston Apple (D) – Environmental Activist

Winston thoroughly, and we mean thoroughly, understands that climate change is a real threat to our economy, way of life, and national security. However, he spends more time demonizing the Republican party in his discussion about climate change and green energy programs and statistics than he spends outlining his plan of action to mitigate the effects of climate change if he is elected. We think that Apple could do some good things for the environment if elected, but we would also need to see more of a structured plan of green action before we give him our 100 % thumbs up.

Henry Martin (D)

Martin focuses on the economic and job prospects that green energy could bring to Missouri’s 6th district. He’s seen the decline in trade jobs since the coal and fossil fuel economy has lagged, and he wants to train the people who used to work in those sectors to work in sustainable energy instead. Since the electrical infrastructure of District 6 is really in need of some upgrades, he thinks that the time is ripe RIGHT NOW to transition to green energy while also improving the energy grid. We think that’s some good thinking.

Other District 6 Candidates:

District 7

Hey 7, you don’t have very many sustainable candidates. Your incumbent does support renewable energy, but he also supports coal, natural gas, oil, and offshore drilling. We have put together a little blurb about your most likely green candidate, but there isn’t enough information to really give an endorsement.


District 8

Slim pickings District 8. We suggest voting for whoever has values that align best with yours.

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