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This article covers Congressional candidates from Louisiana for the midterm election this November. To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project and our ranking system, read our full intro here.

In the summaries that we provide for incumbents, we include a score based on their “LCV” score. The LCV is the League of Conservation Voters, and they track incumbent’s votes on major environmental policies that are going through Congress. If you want to know more about the LCV, click here.

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District 1

Steve Scalise (R) – Incumbent since 2008 – Rank: Bad

Scalise believes in, what we can assume is, an all-of-the-above energy plan. His focus is to expand oil rigging and drilling in Texas, rollback fundamental protective regulations for the environment that surround the big oil and natural gas industry, and to bring more oil out of America than necessary for our own energy independence. We believe that Scalise wants to appeal to the green voter by saying that the extra money that Louisiana will make from refining more oil (read: refining more oil unsafely and without regard for public or environmental health) will go towards preserving wetlands and coastlines. If Scalise was interested in coastlines, he wouldn’t ram legislation through Congress that condoned offshore drilling that has a proven negative impact on coastal ecological communities. Scalise has a lifetime LCV score of 4 %. His sustainable voting record is appalling.

Lee Ann Dugas (D)Rank: Unknown

Dugas does not have information available about her green energy platform.

Jim Francis (D)Rank: Good

Francis knows that right now is a very critical time for Louisiana, and he also knows that without some new and strict environmental regulations, a good portion of Louisiana will soon be underwater due to rising sea levels and unprepared infrastructure.

Francis supports transitioning every state to a renewable energy grid, not just Louisiana. He wants to cap carbon use, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce deforestation. He has a detailed plan of action on his webpage, which you can find a link to above. Overall, Francis is considerate and knowledgeable about this environmental issues that are facing Louisiana today. We encourage you to vote for him.

Frederick “Ferd” Jones (IP) – Rank: Unknown

Jones does not have information available regarding his platform.

Howard Kearney (Libertarian)Rank: Unknown

Kearney does not have any information available regarding sustainable energy and climate change.

Tammy Savoie (D)Rank: Good

Savoie agrees that the environmental impact that climate change has on Louisiana is a huge threat to the maritime economy and public health of the state. She wants to work towards a carbon tax and transitioning Louisiana into a sustainable economy so that the coastlines can replenish and recover from the excessive drilling and pollution caused by the oil industry. She wants to give funding to complete Highway 1 and would like to protect and enable green energy providers throughout the state.

District 2

Cedric Richmond (D) – Incumbent since 2010 – Rank: Good

Richmond doesn’t have much information about his platform on green energy and climate change, but his overall voting record is pretty good when it comes down to protecting the environment and increasing sustainable energy infrastructure and practices. His overall LCV scorecard rating is 78%, but it has increased by 9 percentage points since last year.

Belden “Noonie Man” Batiste (IP)Rank: Unknown

Batiste does not have information about climate change in his available platform.

Shawndra Rodriguez (I)Rank: Unknown

Rodriguez does not have any information about sustainable energy or climate change in her available platform.

Jesse Schmidt (I)Rank: Unknown

Schmidt does not have any information available about his stance on green energy.

District 3

Clay Higgins (R) – Incumbent since 2016 – Rank: Bad

Higgins is straight bad for America’s environment and energy economy. Instead of accepting that oil and natural gas will just continue to ruin our country, he is pushing to reduce environmental policy that protects against the pollution that comes as a side effect of refining. He thinks that we should be ignoring the potential in the green energy economy, and instead, we should invest further into the sinkhole oil refining business. America needs to be energy independent, but not in a way that will ruin the rest of the country.

He has no clue what he wants to do to fix problems. He cites “Complex pipe systems” to fix erosion issues, and would like to “find a proactive solution” to fix erosion. He doesn’t seem to understand that the responsibility to fix that problem lands squarely on his shoulders. He’s a slacker and relies heavily on other people to guide him through complex issues without giving them much integral thought. His LCV scorecard rating is a 0%. Unheard of apathy in this congressman.

Rob Anderson (D)Rank: Unknown

Anderson does not have any information available about climate change or green energy in his platform.

Aaron Andrus (Libertarian)Rank: Unknown

Andrus does not have any information available in his platform about sustainable energy or climate change.

Josh Guillory (R)Rank: Unknown

Guillory does not have any information available about climate change or sustainable energy in his platform.

Mimi Methvin (D)Rank: Strong

Methvin has a really solid platform when it comes to renewables. She knows the energy industry in Louisiana and knows that they instead of exporting all the sustainable energy products from the state, they should be rebuilding and implementing them into their own infrastructure. Methvin wants to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and to redirect Louisiana into a sustainable energy economy. She wants the industry to be taxed so that they can use these taxes to repair coastlines and shores that have been damaged and polluted by the refining and drilling processes. Methvin has a strong sense of what will be helpful for Louisiana, and she knows that it will be a challenge to achieve it.

Larry Rader (D)Rank: Unknown

Rader does not address climate change or sustainable energy in his platform.

Verone Thomas (D)Rank: Weak

Thomas makes passing comments about protecting the environment and changing the toxic dead zone off the coast, but he is brief and doesn’t touch on other issues relating to climate change and sustainable energy.

District 4

Mike Johnson (R)Rank: Bad

Johnson knows that he can benefit from allowing oil companies to do whatever they want in Louisiana, and so far, he has really taken advantage. He’s done nothing to influence sustainable energy production, and he has even used his position on the Committee of Natural Resources to reduce regulations and important pollution safeguards for the oil and natural gas industry. His LCV score is a 0% and his voting record is atrocious. He’s in the oil industry’s handbag, and he needs to be out of Congress.

Mark David Halverson (I)Rank: Unknown

Halverson has not updated his website since Obama was in office.

Ryan Trundle (D)Rank: Weak

Trundle has potential as an environmental activist, but his platform is not fleshed out when it comes to climate change and environmental regulations and protection.

District 5

Ralph Abraham (R) – Incumbent since 2014 – Rank: Bad

Abraham is dedicated to making sure that the American oil industry never ceases to get a tax cut from the federal government. He has taken no action to help the growing sustainable energy industry, and instead, he has continuously voted to repeal regulations in refining that protect the environment. His LCV scorecard rank is a 2%, and he consistently denies climate change (or is too self-centered to care). As a cherry on top, he supported Scott Pruitt, so it’s time to get Abraham out of office.

Billy Burkette (IP)Rank: Unknown

Burkette does not have any information available about his sustainable energy platform.

Jessee Fleenor (D)Rank: Good

Fleenor has stated that climate change is an extremely pressing issue, and an issue that needs to be addressed through sustainable energy development and carbon reduction initiatives. He wants funding for these programs to be centered in the Appalachian and tradition energy economy states, like Texas and Louisiana. We think Fleenor would do well in Congress with these strong cornerstone ideas.

Kyle Randol (Libertarian)Rank: Unknown

Randol does not have a public platform.

District 6

Garret Graves (R) – Incumbent since 2014 – Rank: Bad

Graves does not have a lot of information available on his platform for sustainable energy, or energy in general, but his voting record is abysmal when it comes to protecting the environment and sustainable energy. His LCV scorecard score is 4%. His positive votes for climate change have always pertained to military spending and some water pollutant legislation.

Devin Lance Graham (IP)Rank: Weak

Graham wants Louisiana to be cleaned up and to protect the environment, but he doesn’t have a thorough plan on how to achieve that.

Justin Dewitt (D)Rank: Unknown

Dewitt does not have information available on sustainable energy.

Andie Saizan (D)Rank: Unknown

Saizan does not have any information available about sustainable energy or climate change.

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