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This article covers Congressional candidates from Iowa for the midterm election this November. To access our Iowa primary review, click here. To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project and our ranking system, read our full intro here.

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District 1

Abby Finkenauer (D)Rank: Weak 

Abby vows to fight for environmental protection policies for things like clean air & water and supports the Paris Climate Agreement. She wants to continue Iowa’s lead on wind energy production and has already proven her dedication by fighting to protect the Iowa Energy Center from the fossil fuel industry. However, she has taken money from Dakota Access Dodge Bakken Pipeline and signed a letter that opposed the independent environmental impact assessment, which seems kind of necessary if you’re carrying fossil fuels around in a pipe (source).

Rod Blum (R) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

Your current representative thinks the EPA’s regulations are overstepping and “burdensome.” He also voted for the Keystone XL pipeline (source). Just to prove he isn’t on our side, his LCV score is a mere 2% (source).

Troy Hageman (Libertarian) – Rank: Unknown 

We were unable to find information regarding Troy’s sustainability platform.

District 2

Our primary pick: Dave LoebsackRank: Good 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2007

Dave is a supporter of all the bings Iowa is doing for the environment already, like being a huge wind exporter, and wants to continue the state’s clean energy development. In Congress, he’s already supported tax credits for wind and solar energy and pushed for biomass developments. He also believes that reducing our carbon emissions will help slow and prevent serious climate change effects, like floods and severe weather. You should note, though, that Dave did vote in support of the Keystone XL pipeline (source). He also has an 89% LCV score, which is not the best, but still stronger than all the other Iowa incumbents (source).

Chris Peters (R)Rank: Unknown 

Although Chris’ website discusses several key issues, environmental and energy issues are not one of them.

Mark Strauss (Libertarian)Rank: Good 

In a series of videos, Mark explains his stances on the eco issues. For one, he fully supports Iowa’s wind energy industry and the plan to run 100% on renewable energy by 2020. He wants to expand this energy production, however, do so without subsidizing any source in the energy sector. He also opposes fracking and is concerned about the problems overfishing may cause.

District 3

Cindy Axne (D)Rank: Strong 

Cindy wants Iowa to lead in sustainable energy. Even better, she worked with the Governor’s Agenda on Clean Energy and the Environment, already showing her dedication to renewable energy with her work bringing the wind industry to your state. Her other environmental concerns extend to soil health, carbon sequestration, and water quality.

David Young (R) – Incumbent – Rank: Weak 

David seems like a great option because he’s used his time in office to protect a tax credit for wind energy production. He even wrote a letter (with other congressmen) to fight for the preservation of a wind energy tax credit. However, his LCV score of 3% doesn’t look quite as great (source).

Bryan Jack Holder (Libertarian)Rank: Unknown 

We were unable to find information regarding Bryan’s sustainability platform.

Paul Knupp (Green Party)Rank: Good 

Paul is a great third-party option for sustainability. He supports significantly reducing carbon emissions and decrease coal production in half by 2020. Paul will also push for a 100% clean-energy America by 2050. He recognizes Iowa as a successful producer of clean energy and will continue to push for your state to lead in wind energy.

Mark G. Elworth Jr. (Legal Medical Now)Rank: Unknown 

We were unable to find information regarding Mark’s sustainability platform.

Joe Grandanette (Independent)Rank: Unknown 

While Joe’s campaign website discusses many key issues, environmental and energy issues are not one of them.

District 4

Our primary pick: J.D. ScholtenRank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Pro Baseball Player
  • Paralegal

J.D. understands how important farming is to your state, and vows to support small farms while also investing in green energy and conservation. He believes that using more renewable energy sources can improve the health of people, farms, and create more jobs at home. This has already proven true with Iowa’s success with wind energy production. J.D. also discusses the importance of clean water on his campaign site and will work to protect it.

Steve King (R) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

Your current representative voted for the Keystone XL pipeline and seems like he doesn’t quite believe that carbon emissions impacts climate change, so he doesn’t support regulating these emissions (source). He also has a low LCV score of just 4% (source).

Charles Aldrich (Libertarian) – Rank: Unknown 

We were unable to find information regarding Charles’ sustainability platform.

Edward Peterson (Independent)Rank: Unknown 

We were unable to find information regarding Edward’s sustainability platform.

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