This article reviews California Congressional candidates from districts 20-29 in the general election this November. If you’re looking for a different district, head back to our main page for California here.

District 20

Our primary pick: Jimmy Panetta – (Campaign Site) – Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2017
  • Climate Solutions Caucus
  • Oceans Caucus
  • International Conservation Caucus

As you’d imagine for a top pick, Jimmy supports investing in renewable energy to decrease our emissions and work against climate change effects, like a rising sea level and ocean acidification. He’s particularly interested in creating an eco-friendly balance between the agricultural industry, the environment, and sustainable tourism. This is great because the environment can (and does) take big blows from farming and tourism industries, but these industries are also very needed for economies (and survival). Striking a balance is critical. Jimmy is also a protector of California’s coasts and opposes offshore drilling and any rollbacks on air and water quality standards.

Ron Kabat (Independent) – Rank: Bad 

Ron does not generally support funding renewable energy developments or regulating harmful emissions. He also doesn’t think man contributes to climate change (source).

District 21

Our primary pick: T.J. Cox – Rank: Good 

  • Democrat
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Started a business that installed home energy-saving devices
  • Founder of Central Valley NMTC

While T.J.’s website doesn’t explicitly state he’s pro-sustainability in all the ways we’re looking for, his investments strongly imply this. T.J. is the founder of Central Valley NMTC, which is a community development entity that invests in a range of community projects in low-income areas. We’re going to highlight a couple of the projects they fund.

The first project is a bioenergy plant in North Fork. This is the first forestry-fueled biomass plant in the country! The project cleans up a brownfield area and then converts dead trees to fuel. Impressive right? So is the projected reduction of 1,300 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Project number two is a farming program at West Hills Community College. This project focuses on sustainable farming practices and resource management. A program through Farm of the Future provides food produced here to preschools operated by the college.

David Valadao (R) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

David supports an “all of the above” energy approach, including both renewable and nonrenewable sources, but has a 4% League of Conservation Voter scorecard (source).

District 22

Our primary pick: Andrew Janz – Rank: Good 

  • Democrat
  • Attorney

Andrew is ready to use his power in Congress to address climate change and foster cooperation among the federal, state, and local levels to do so. He recognizes California’s success with renewable energy and hopes to expand green energy jobs in the Central Valley. When it comes to water, he wants it clean for drinking, protected by the EPA, and available for farming communities. He vows to hold the EPA accountable and demand stronger regulations in order to protect the people from pollutants in drinking water.

Devin Nunes (R) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

Devin supports offshore drilling, enough said.

District 23

Our primary pick: Tatiana Matta – Rank: Good 

  • Democrat
  • Public Relations Consultant

Tatiana is concerned about the drinking water for residents, understanding that many fear drinking their own tap water. She plans to update the water infrastructure and ensure water quality with regulations to protect the people. Apart from water, Tatiana is looking to push for more renewable energy initiatives in California, oppose offshore drilling, and preserve wildlife areas from overdevelopment.

Kevin McCarthy (R) – (House Majority Leader Site) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

Kevin claims to support renewable energy investments and wants to incentivize conservation, but still supports “environmentally sound” ways of extracting fossil fuels. He also has a lifetime League of Conservation Voter score of 3% (source).

District 24

Our primary pick: Salud Carbajal – (Campaign Site) – Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2017
  • Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus
  • Climate and Environmental Justice Congressional Taskforce
  • Congressional Oceans Caucus
  • Outdoor Recreation Caucus
  • Congressional Shellfish Caucus

Salud is all about protecting California coastlines and the ocean, which is why he opposes offshore drilling big time. He introduced the California Clean Coast Act to ban oil and gas exploration off of your state’s coasts. Salud also helped implement local carbon pollution solutions during his time working on Obama’s task force on climate change, as well as encouraged solar power facilities in the Cuyama Valley and the Carrizo Plain.

Justin Fareed (R) – Rank: Weak 

Justin supports investing in renewable energy technologies to decrease foreign oil dependency and to reduce our emission output but does not discuss this much further.

District 25

Katie Hill (D) – Rank: Good 

Katie does not discuss sustainability much further than wanting to keep air and water clean and move to 100% clean energy.

Steve Knight (R) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

Steve supports renewable energy investments but does not support greenhouse gas regulations like the Clean Power Plan (source). He also has an LCV score of 3% (source).

District 26

Julia Brownley (D) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent – Rank: Good 

Julia supports the Clean Air and Water Acts, cleaning up contaminated sites, and preserving the environment, but has an “all of the above” energy approach, which usually implies renewable and nonrenewable sources. However, Julia has shown a support for investing in clean energy developments and has a lifetime LCV score of 98% (source).

Antonio Sabato Jr. (R) – Rank: Unknown 

Antonio’s website does not discuss environmental issues.

District 27

Our primary pick: Judy Chu – Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2009
  • Summary: Mountain and Valley Protector

Judy has supported renewable energy developments to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels and promote new jobs in the area. This way, our air and water remain clean and safe for the public. Judy is also very found of your beautiful mountains and wants to make sure these stay preserved and protected, starting with clean up efforts and educational programs. She also introduced the San Gabriel National Recreation Area Act to protect the mountains and their resources. In the Valley, she’s also worked to revitalize the San Gabriel watershed with a focus on restoring the fragile ecosystems and conserving rainwater.

As you’d imagine, Judy is also a supporter of the Clean Air & Water Acts, the Los Angeles River revitalization, clean energy transitions (including her own hybrid vehicle), energy efficiency. She opposes offshore drilling in all of the waters surrounding the U.S.

Bryan Witt (D) – Rank: Weak 

Bryan states that he supports clean energy, but does not discuss this further.

District 28

Our primary pick: Adam Schiff – (Campaign Site) – Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2000

Adam says our country needs to tackle climate change with the same motivation and dedication as when we sent a man to the moon. How so? A lot of it has to do with renewable energy. Adam is looking to get the nation transitioning with tax breaks and accessibility for homegrown green energy. In office, he’s supported mostly geothermal and solar energy, and bills that require utility companies to produce at least 15% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Additionally, Adam opposes, and consistently voted against, offshore drilling. This is especially important to California since your state has so much coast. He also wants to restore the Los Angeles River and help the ecosystems thrive again. His other concerns deal with clean drinking water and protecting and preserving the wilderness and open spaces.

Johnny Nalbandian (R) – Rank: Bad 

Johnny does not support renewable energy investments or regulating greenhouse gas emissions (source).

District 29

Tony Cardenas (D) – Incumbent – Rank: Good 

Tony’s House website does not list sustainability as one of his top priorities, but his voting record reflects his support. His lifetime LCV score is 92% (source).

Benny Bernal (R) – Rank: Unknown

We could not find information about Benny’s sustainability platform.

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