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District 10

Our primary pick: Josh Harder Rank: Good 

  • Democrat
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Business Consultant

Josh Harder is trying his hardest to make sure that District 10 has clean water. Let’s look at his agenda:

  • Tax incentives to make farmers use micro-irrigation drips
  • Build and maintain better water storage facilities
  • Build, use, and maintain and inland desalinization plants

He wants to preserve the rich soil of the Valley so that the water and air can also stay clean for future generations. He wants to address the rising medical issues that are occurring in children due to the amount of air pollution and water pollution in the country, and particularly in District 10. Josh wants to revamp the EPA to make sure that the policies that are protecting our environment and families are also being protected in Congress.

Jeff Denham (R) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent. Rank: Bad 

Jeff promotes an “all of the above” energy platform (renewables and fossil fuels) but also discusses how environmental regulations are burdensome.

District 11

Our primary pick: Mark DeSaulnier – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2014
  • Former Mayor, City of Concord
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Toxic Substances Research and Teacher Program, University of California
  • Former member of the California Air Resources Board and Bay Air Quality Management District

Mark has done a few things in Congress that make him our pick for District 11. He introduced the John Muir National Historic Site Expansion Act (H.R. 1289) which added land to Martinez California Park for better access and to preserve the land. He also passed bipartisan legislation in the House to protect the John Muir National Historic Site. He also voted against building the Keystone XL Pipeline, which we think is a huge step in moving towards stronger regulation for fossil fuels and environmental protection. He’s passed an amendment that will give funding to assess and do research on the transportation of crude oil through the railway system and has been a strong advocate for legislation that allows stricter offshore whistleblowing. Which is awesome, since that’s how the BP oil spill happened.

Another cool thing that Mark has done is been very vocal about the Department of Justice to give a criminal investigation into Volkswagen AG for that one time they lied about the carbon emissions their cars were giving off. He’s also been super nosy and stringent about the investigations happened against ExxonMobile’s alleged fraud related to climate change. Overall, Mark has shown his commitment to protecting our planet and tackling climate change through his legislation and voting record.

John Fitzgerald (R) Rank: Bad 

This guy refutes global warming and scientific facts on his campaign site.

District 12

Our primary pick: Nancy Pelosi – (House Minority Leader Site) – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 1987
  • Minority Leader, United States House of Representatives, 2003-2006, 2011-present
  • Speaker, United States House of Representatives, 2006-2011

Nancy Pelosi has an extensive political background and has several press releases about the importance of tackling climate change. She’s a supporter of rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement talks and has supported many different bills that address climate change.

Pelosi encourages investing in green energy initiatives, not only at the federal level, but also at the local level. She doesn’t support building the Keystone XL Pipeline and has encouraged and supported regulating greenhouse gas emissions at the federal level. Pelosi also supports government funding to implement new renewable energy development and research. She has also been working towards creating green energy jobs, which will boost the American economy and create a lasting job market.

Lisa Remmer (R) Rank: Unknown 

Lisa does not discuss sustainability on her website in any fashion.

District 13

Our primary pick: Barbara Lee – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 1998
  • Regional Whip, United States House of Representative

Barbara Lee is a protector of public lands and endangered animals. She has supported legislation that would increase access to public land and maintain out nationals parks. She’s been opposing tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies and other big industries that have high rates of pollution, in Congress. She wants green energy jobs to open a whole new market for employment opportunities and research. She has shown particular interest in making sure that sustainable energy jobs are available for everyone, and especially minorities and veterans.

District 14

Our primary pick: Jackie Speier – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Incumbent since 2008
  • Senior Whip, Democratic Party
  • Assembly Member, California State Assembly, 1987-1996
  • Majority Whip, California State Assembly, 1988-1992

Jackie has been doing some good things in Congress. She’s been opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline, opposing tax subsidies for fossil fuel companies, and opposing new projects that have been presented by fossil fuel companies. She suggests that we take the tax money currently going towards fossil fuel subsidies and instead, promote green technology and sustainable energy practices. Then, not only would Americans be saving money in their taxes, but also in their energy consumption. She strongly supports the research going on in District 14 that’s championing advanced biofuels, as well as solar, wind, and geothermal power strategies.

She’s made her voice heard when people speak out against the EPA fighting pollution. She’s a strong advocate for the Endangered Species Act and feels that it’s one of the single most important pieces of legislation in fighting extinction. She has also supported and advocated for funding in National Parks and other wilderness areas, including bays and other important oceanic landmarks. Her record in Congress shows her dedication to mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting the important aspects of our environment.

Christina Osmena (R) Rank: Good 

Christina focuses more on the outdated technologies that are a way of life in America and would like to see them give way to technologies that reflect that advancement of our current society. She thinks it’s ridiculous that we are focusing on fuels that will expire, and not on sustainable energy sources, such as thermal and wind power. She’s cognizant of California’s need for water quality improvement and revising energy and water infrastructure. However, Cristina believes we should eliminate that ALL tax incentives for any energy technology, including sustainable energy incentives. This could go either way, with fossil fuels OR green energy winning the market.

District 15

Our primary pick: Eric Swalwell – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2012
  • Deputy District Attorney, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, 2005-2012
  • Member of the Tri-Valley Conservancy
  • Member of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee’s subcommittee on Energy

Eric Swalwell has shown strong support for sustainable energy initiatives during his time in Congress. He wants to see America and California transition to green energies and sustainable technologies to increase our energy independence. He also recognizes the significant positive health and environmental impacts switching to sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies will have for the entire planet.

Swalwell also encourages the work of renewable energy in innovative fields. He wants to see the environment prosper, climate change to mitigate, and, subsequently, how these changes will increase our health, national security, and economy. He strongly opposed withdrawing from the Paris Agreements on climate change and has cosponsored many, many bills that deal with clean energy, reduction in fracking, and ensuring clean drinking water and coastlines. He voted against building the Keystone XL Pipeline and co-sponsored a bill that would allow a 30% tax credit for offshore wind facilities. Overall, he’s shown again and again his dedication to sustainable energy.

Rudy Peters (R) Rank: Unknown 

Rudy’s website does not discuss sustainable stances.

District 16

Jim Costa (D) – (Campaign Site) – Incumbent. Rank: Weak 

Costa worked with a group of legislators to introduce the Infrastructure Jobs and Energy Independence Act. This act basically has California capitalizing on every sort of energy available, including natural gas and fossil fuels. The act focuses more on getting away from energy dependence on other countries (which we also think is a good idea) but could have potential backlash, as it doesn’t restrict the fossil fuel industry from fracking and offshore oil drilling.

Elizabeth Heng (R) Rank: Weak 

Elizabeth supports the all-of-the-above energy plan, which focuses on energy independence instead of increasing sustainable energy research and output. She does, however, support legislation that would support and fund research and renewable energy sources. She has also pledged to work towards clean air and water and waste reduction, however, she has not outlined any specifics.

District 17

Our primary pick: Ro Khanna – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent

Ro Khanna introduced a bill this year called the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity, and reliability Act of 2018, which essentially provides clean and safe drinking water to millions of people. He believes in the basic human right to clean drinking water and is working towards providing funds to rework the water infrastructure all over the country.

Khanna’s biggest priorities are water and energy efficiency. He wants to promote sustainable communities and grow the economy, but also preserve the environment and park lands that make California and the rest of America beautiful. He has ideas on how to hold the EPA accountable and to enforce stricter pollution regulations.

The Silicon Valley has many opportunities to grow the green energy economy and reduce carbon emissions. Khanna thinks that the government should also be incentivizing green energy initiatives everywhere. In District 17 particularly, he wants to reduce the mercury and selenium emissions that come from the Lehigh Cement Plant (these aren’t the only emissions that come from this plant, but definitely the most worrisome for health reasons). The pollutants threaten water sources and endangered species in the area.

He also wants to introduce a strong and useful public transportation system to reduce the number of cars (and also the amount of emissions) that are happening in District 17. This includes better walking and biking paths throughout all of the cities. He wants to make agriculture more sustainable while also protecting endangered species by supporting acts like the Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study.

Khanna doesn’t want the Keystone XL pipeline. The transportation of oil through the pipeline is too dangerous and toxic. The threat to the ecosystems and our own safety is too great. Khanna also wants to impose bigger and spill fines and higher environmental compensation for oil barrels that have spilled. Instead of oil incentives, he proposes introducing more legislation like the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which helped create huge economic growth and boosting the green energy economy. Extending tax credits to sustainable energy producers ensure market stability and have high payoffs economically and environmentally. Finally, Khanna is strictly against fracking and the chemicals that it injects into the ground and water.

Ron Cohen (R) Rank: Weak 

Ron firmly agrees that climate change is happening and focuses mainly on how the oceans are affected by carbon dioxide increases. In previous years, he has denied climate change, but his campaign site acknowledges this and owns up to his past. He is particularly concerned with oyster populations and the coral reefs. However, he does not outline any plans to combat climate change or even mention renewable energy. And he still agrees with the decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

District 18

Our primary pick: Anna Eshoo – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 2008
  • Former Assistant Pro-Tempore, California State Senate
  • Senior Whip, Democratic Party
  • Member of House Energy and Commerce Committee
  • Member of the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus

Anna Eshoo has been pretty involved in listening to her constituents and their ideas for green energy. We’ve made a handy list of things she particularly supports:

  • Capping and pricing carbon emissions
  • Increasing vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Increasing building and structural energy efficiency
  • Investing in clean public transit
  • Expanding and researching methods of energy production that don’t produce greenhouse gases

Eshoo shows her dedication to working against climate change through her work on the caucus and committee she’s a member of. Her votes back up her policies to make energy production and consumption more efficient, and to promote sustainable energy practices. She was even a member of the House delegation that was sent to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Flood protection and ecosystem restoration have been on her agenda for years. She always votes to maintain or increase funding for both of these items if they come up to vote.

Here’s our favorite quote about Rep. Eshoo:

“Rep. Eshoo recognizes that viable, sustainable, and renewable energy resources are essential to protect our economic and national security, as well as our environment. As a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, she pursues legislation to encourage research and development, and innovative clean energy and energy efficient technologies. Rep. Eshoo’s work on clean energy and environmental issues has been praised by several local and national organizations, and she has a lifetime rating of 97 percent from the League of Conservation Voters.”

Christine Russell (R) Rank: Unknown 

We were not able to find information on Russell’s sustainable platform.

District 19

Our primary pick: Zoe Lofgren – (Campaign Site) Rank: Strong 

  • Democrat
  • Incumbent since 1994
  • Member, Subcommittee on Energy

Zoe brings up the important tie that is between national security and our oil consumption. With most of the oil that America uses coming from overseas, and with only 3% of the known oil reserves in the US, it’s impossible to deny that the U.S. is very dependent on other countries for the stuff that makes us run. Not only is a threat to national security, it’s a threat to climate change. Zoe instead wants to increase fuel efficiency in cars and buildings until we can find biofuels or electric cars that fit our needs. Slowing consumption slows gas emissions, which slows climate change.

Zoe is strongly opposed to offshore drilling and fracking. She has consistently fought against various bills and efforts aimed at using the California coast for anything other than coastline. She has been protecting marine wildlife and opposing offshore drilling since she got to Congress.

Justin Aguilera (R) Rank: Unknown 

Justin’s campaign site does not indicate where he stands on sustainable issues.

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