A sketch of the state, Alaska.

This article covers Congressional candidates from Alaska for the midterm election this November. To access our Alaska primary review, click here. To learn more about Sustainable Politician Project and our ranking system, read our full intro here.

U.S. House of Representatives

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Don Young (R) – Incumbent – Rank: Bad 

Young wants to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling exploration. He also supported the Keystone XL pipeline (source). His LCV Scorecard ranking is a solid 0% (source).

Alyse Galvin (Independent)Rank: Good 

Alyse strongly supports expanding federal funding to research and develop sustainable energy. She has a plan in place to adapt to the consequences of climate change, which includes bringing Native Americans into the conversation about dealing with climate change and how it affects their endangered tribal and indigenous lands. She does show supports for expanding all of America’s energy options, but her emphasis is on renewable energy and using fossil fuels as a stepping stone until we can reach full carbon neutrality.

Greg Fitch (Write-In)Rank: Unknown 

Greg does not have any information available about eco-friendly policy.

Sid Hill (Write-In)Rank: Unknown 

Sid does not have enough information available to provide a comprehensive summary of his stance on sustainable energy and environmental policy.

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