Sustainability Through the American Vote 

Sustainable Politician Project is a tool to help American voters find sustainably-minded politicians that support environmental causes, initiatives, and legislation. We publish reviews of federal congressional and presidential candidates to help inform voters. Every review for each county’s sustainable candidate ranking is based on past experience (if applicable) and commitment to environmentalism.

We believe that voting is your right and responsibility as an American citizen. This is an introduction to the project, why sustainability is important, and the voting process for members of Congress.

What we do

Here at Sustainable Politician Project, we are dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change by supporting strong, sustainably-minded legislation, and the candidates that prioritize the environment.

Sustainability reaches beyond the environment and into every aspect of our global citizenship. Technology, agriculture, poverty, economy, medicine, education, all of these different aspects of our human life play a crucial role in attaining global sustainability, or the “requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that the average quality of life that we ensure ourselves can potentially be shared by all future generations (Geir B. Asheim, “Sustainability,” The World Bank, 1994).” SPP is dedicated to enacting this goal, and we do that by researching and evaluating the sustainable platforms that congressional and presidential candidates run on.

Our evaluation process is simple: Research voting records (for incumbent candidates), find current sustainability platforms (we focus on green energy implementation and ecological protection, but we consider other forms of social sustainability in our choice of ranking), and assign a rank to each candidate. It changes every election cycle to address the current and pressing sustainability priorities, so make sure that if you’re a returning voter, you glance through the new ranking charts.

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Privacy Policy

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