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What we do

Three times per week, we publish reviews of potentially “green” candidates running for federal Congress for each state. With this information, you can assess which candidate best fits your environmental concerns and vote for them during your state’s primary election. For each top candidate, we publish a brief review including:

The candidate’s affiliated political party
Whether or not the candidate is currently in office
Other political positions held by the candidate
The candidate’s environmental/sustainability platform
Any other indicators that show support for green causes/initiatives/legislature
While the candidates’ information is our purpose for this project, our goal is to get you to vote in the midterm election, and the primary elections. To encourage you to do so, we strive to provide clear, easy-to-understand, voting information with each post. With each state’s candidate(s) review, we publish the following information:

  • Date of the state’s primary
  • If you need to register with a political party to vote
  • The state’s polling type
  • What kind of elections are happening in your state’s primary
  • How a candidate moves on to the midterm election
  • Whether or not your state reserves a runoff election

We have a “directory” tab dedicated to helping you find the article for your state, and the article’s expected publication date. Find out when your state’s article will be published here!

How we do it

We don’t just choose a top candidate willy-nilly. To let you know how we select candidates, here’s how our methods work. First, we investigate each running candidate’s campaign website and read through the stances they present there. If they do not discuss agriculture, environmental, or energy issues on their site, it sends the message that those things are not important to them. So candidates that don’t mention these things usually get nixed. Next, we look into voting records provided by Vote Smart. With the combination of these things, we usually make a decision or recognize multiple candidates for one district.

However, we also recognize that campaign websites are updated and changed. If you notice this change, or would like us to reconsider a candidate’s sustainability platform, please fill out a contact form on our homepage, and we will be happy to do so.

The wrap-up

Sustainability is important. Voting for sustainable candidates is important. The congressional voting process is still kinda confusing, but now we have this guide to refer back to. If you have concerns or questions about the information, the project, or how the heck we found the time to do this, send us a message using the contact form on our homepage!